Poll:54 Which is more important Health or Wealth ?

in health •  5 months ago


Hard question because each are important to us but some might say money without health is useless they are probably right but life without money might seem like walking in the dark forever wondering. Best is choose both, what your opinion.

Share your opinion everyone has their own opinion and we believe your opinion is important to be heard so just leave a comment.

social media makes us a better wiser platform to be enjoyed by the world. Your voice is instrumental and your Opinion has a value now and later on so please leave an appropriate comment most times even a yes or no is helpful thank you.

  • please refer your comments to the question being polled thanks again for your opinion.

Poll:54 Which is more important Health or Wealth ?

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#Poll:54 Which is more important Health or Wealth ?

id say its hard to enjoy one without the other and pretty difficult to get the other if one does not have the one lol

balance in all things ... half my family died of horrible diseases after working their asses off al their lives ..., but .. if they didnt have the money, even in this so-called wellfare state their conditions would have been even worse ...

Health is the key of everything, not only wealth, your happiness, ability to work, responsibility, peace of mind, all depends on good health. So I will go for Health!!

Health is more important by a long way. It's far better to be healthy and poor than wealthy and sick. Even if your poor you can have a good quality of life and still have an opportunity to improve your station. If you are properly sick no amount of money in the world will fix that. Ask anybody in the world with bad health what they would choose and I'm sure the answer will be a huge majority. Look at Steve jobs...... health is everything.

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