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In 2011 I decided to take my health back from all the ailments that I had due to a poor diet. Arthritis, high blood pressure, overweight, heavy monthly bleeding, you name it I probably had it. Once I realized that it was by way of eating a plant based diet with plenty of water and moderate exercise that I got rid of all my ailments. I then decided to get my certification to be a Raw Vegan Chef and Coach.
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I also have a passion to reach out to the youth who are growing up on Mcdeath and Murder King, so I made it my mission to go around my community and start to hold food demonstrations at the local university as well as smaller classes at the local community centers.
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Since finding this wonderful platform, I've decided to use 50% of the funding to pay for ongoing classes with the local youth that really need to be educated on the importance of eating whole organic fruits and vegetables. Thank you in advance for reading my blogs and supporting my mission to awaken the next generation of leaders. #upvoteforupvote
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Wonderful project!


Thank you @restlesswanderer it's very important to get the word out to the youth about health.