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What the hell is going on here!!!😡What an outrage! Please my Steemit Family, Know what you're putting in your body. Just because they are vegetables, nowadays thats not enough. People that do this are on a sub-human level. It's nothing but pure evil. 😡😷Here we are trying to eat healthy by eating a plant based diet and here comes the creatures from the abyss to make sure we continue to develop cancer, neurological disorders and brain diseases even when we thought we were eating "healthy." Know your farmer....know where your food comes from....support your local farmers and food growers.....Grow your own food!....Start neighborhood garden groups and at the very least make sure when you are buying from the market you are buying organic fruits and vegetables. Detox regularly. Parsley, Bentonite Clay, Charcoal have these 3 things living in your home at all times.

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