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RE: Cannabis Oil has Remarkable Health Benefits

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Thank you for this informative article. I have been using cannabis to control health problems, especially pain for sometime.
however, as i am in the UK and it is still illegal technically, i have to buy my supplies from "drug dealers. I suppose, due to the method that i have to obtain my weed it could be said that it opens me up to lots of other drugs. Not Ideal
just recently friends have helped me to set up my computer so i can buy my supplies on the web.

I was amazed at the different forms of cannabis that are available to buy!!

However, due to the nature of the place that i buy my weed there is no objective advice on the qualities and the properties of some of the novel ways of taking cannabis They only really explain the properties that get you high.

This article is great for me and I'm sure many others like me who's nations are yet to take the brave step and legalize cannabis for health use!
In the UK you can still be arrested for Selling, possessing or cultivating cannabis. However, in practice you will often receive a Fine or on-the-spot caution. This also applies to growing cannabis. You can get caught with about 9 plants and they will regard that as personal use.
This is no "hard and fast" rule to this and it relies on the individual policemans whim!!

They will still steel your pot and equipment though!!

As i search the "Dream Market"for cannabis and see the many different forms i can buy, from THC lollipops and sweets, THC vaporizers all the way through to patches and super strength oils i can now do it with less confusion..
I may write a post about my experiences of online cannabis shopping and post them to steemit..

thanks for the help and a very interesting article.

I envy those who live in places where you can buy cannabis legally