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Due to morning sex, the mind and body keep the two good. Do you hear frowns of hearing? Information that has come up through research This information is proven in a study by Twelfth University of Belfast, London.

Studies have shown that at least three days a week, if you can have sex with the early morning, then half of the chance of heart attack can be given. And if it can be done properly then problems like hypertension may be removed. Scientific experiments have shown that if two days a week, it can be done in the morning, then body antibodies are formed.

Morning sex can cause diseases such as arthritis and migraine. It is also known that for those who have diabetes, their intercourse is very useful in the morning. If you have an intercourse in the morning, it costs 300 calories a day, which helps reduce diabetes.

For this test, 300 women are employed, whose companions do not use condoms during intercourse. They said that there is no psychological depression in their mind. The morning sex also plays an important role in strengthening bone structure.

Because of this mental happiness in the morning, the brightness of the hair and skin increases because of this the erosion of estrogen and other hormones is high in this time. However, researchers have said that daily sexual intercourse can reduce body performance.

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