Find 10 tips to keep your wife in line! Expatriates must see!

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1. On the first day of marriage, you should tell him not to behave indecently with your parents. If such behavior is done then he will be allowed to stay at his father's house permanently, without any hesitation.

2. You can not be allowed to talk to him about your income and expense. You will spend for your parents, you can not be allowed to intervene there. You have the responsibility to fill your parents, you can not give them any chance to obstruct.

3. You must establish your leadership at home in the house so that they give importance to your words. Sometimes a gift can be given to the mother-in-law, especially to maintain good relationships with mother-in-law. If you make a complaint to your mother-in-law about it, it will not wash.

4. Never be a domestic child at her in-laws' house. In case of financial crisis, it must remain in its own management.

5. The wife can never be physically assaulted. This will reduce your respect and fear.

6. You do not have to leave the wife about shopping and you have to control. Because your pocket can be cut if your income is limited, this will start with the quarrel and jhati in the world.

7. It is better not to do more than to do the Ghataghatati with them. Rather, it has to be brought in a system that does not have the opportunity to grow.

8. Your status or status of your job can never be raised higher than the status of a job. Then the woman will sit down and talk to sit down.

9. Give your parents good order to use. Otherwise they will make your relationship worse with them. No reason can ever be given to your mother to tears your eyes for you.

10. The best control strategy is if you have a lot of resources and you give your wife the right to use. To meet all its financial needs, you will have less chance to complain about you.

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