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Recently, indigestion has become a regular illness. Most people are suffering from this problem. In fact, some harmful habits are basically stated as the responsibility of experts. Stomach swelling and constipation are signs of indigestion. The normal functioning of other habits, including dietary habits, is disrupted if the daily life cycle is unavoidable.

In fact, the problem of Hajmatantra can affect health in many ways as well as reduce the level of energy of the body if the mistakes of food or habit can not be identified. If these problems are not resolved then the problem of gas and constipation will not be solved. Therefore, it is necessary to build a healthy habit for everyone's hajmatanti without delay. That is why we need to know the harmful habits.

Not enough food intake: It is very important to take fiber content to make the internal intestinal movements constipated due to lack of food. Therefore, the quantity of fiber diet should be increased.

Late eating at night: This habit can cause problems of bookling and assidiity. Because you have to go to sleep immediately after eating. So eat dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Wind in the stomach: If you eat a lot of food then some of the air in the stomach also goes into the stomach. This is one of the main reasons for bad digestion. So do not eat fast and eat slowly and chew.

Eat too much together: It is not good to eat a lot together for good digestion. If the amount of food is consumed in a few times without eating together, it is very good for Hajmatantra.

Soda or gas drinks: The effects of these drunken drinks are two ways on Hajmatantra. After drinking these soda or gas drinks, stomach swelling occurs and as well as acidity. So instead of soda or gas drinks, the fruit juices made in the house.

Drinks with food: Many people have a habit of eating gas drinks and tea even if they think that eating any heavy food will be beneficial to digestion. The result is actually the opposite. Gases in the stomach are caused.

Chewing gum: As soon as chewing gum chewing, the air gets into the stomach. As a result the gas is in the stomach and the dhanku comes.

Alcohol: Alcohol has severe adverse effects on digestion. Due to this, diarrhea may also occur in the stomach ulcer.

Natural work is not like time: Many people are stuck in practice. It is very harmful for health. It is due to the problems of Hajmakriya and other physical problems also cause it.

Smoke: Smoking is one of the reasons for indigestion. As a result, acidity can be either stomach ulcer. Smokers also have different effects on Hajmatantra.

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