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RE: Xenoestrogens #4: Hop polyphenols. Is beer consumption messing with our hormone balance?

in #health2 years ago

Which is a hillarious expression in that matter as estrogens ARE steroids. Yeah I know... HILLARIOUS!
/end nerdfactor

Highly educational and, along with your awesome random nerd comments, highly entertaining.

While I agree with you that one Pale Ale won't bother you (unless of course you're gluten intolerant) I make it a point to do my best to avoid all the xenoestrogens as much as possible.

I see it as a better safe than sorry proposition and when you add all the possible ways you can aquire xenoestrogens (soy, plastics, can linings, beer(I didn't know this one), etc) I worry about cumulative effects.

I really enjoy your work! Thank you for the education.

In Peace, Love, and Health


Ah yeah, cumulative effects. A great topic to finalize my series! Ty for reading and commenting!

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