10 reasons for not losing weight

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Losing weight and reaching ideal weight is a goal that everyone strives to achieve for a healthier life. Regularity of dieting and regular physical exertion for an extended period of time can be difficult for many of us.

We can easily and without too much effort lose a few kilograms at first, but it becomes more difficult over time to lose weight and may stop completely. What are the reasons for not losing weight? ? This is what we will discuss in this article.

1 - get large amounts of calories

Many of us believe that reducing the amount of food is the means to lose weight, but in fact reducing the calories we get through food is the way to achieve this, where some people eat less food, but it gets a large amount of calories in time same. Therefore, it is recommended to track the number of calories that are obtained on a daily basis, through the weight of the amounts of food that is addressed with the use of many websites and smart phone applications to know the calories contained in this food

2 - not to exercise

Some aerobic exercises, such as cardio and aerobic exercises, which include running, cycling and swimming, can help burn fat especially those in the abdominal area. Other muscle exercises, such as lifting weights and weights, can maintain the muscle mass of the body while stimulating fat burning Of course, the lack of exercise of various types will significantly reduce the rate of weight loss.

3. Not eating enough protein

Eating a small amount of protein can stop weight loss. Protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss. Eating more protein, which makes up about 25-30% of the calories the body needs, can stimulate metabolism as well as reduce the amount of calories. The amount of calories the body gets daily is several hundred, due to the role that proteins play in influencing the appetite hormones. In addition, eating a protein-rich breakfast reduces the feeling of hunger during the day and reduces the feeling of craving for food.

4 - get a large amount of sugar

Sugar-rich drinks are one of the most common types of food. Weight gainers, such as sugary drinks, nutritious natural juices and flavored water, provide a huge amount of calories. Avoid all those rich beverages. Both industrial and natural sugar are the best ways to lose weight.

5. Carbohydrate intake significantly

Studies have shown that depending on a diet that includes reducing the intake of carbohydrates can double weight loss compared to traditional weight loss diet based on reducing fat intake. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates the body gets is an effective way to lose weight, along with other health benefits.

  1. Cravings for food
    As a side effect of dieting, you may experience some one or more cravings for food. Where you eat a large amount of food - more than the body needs - very quickly and in a short time. Of course, eating too much food - even if healthy - means more and more calories and therefore stops losing weight.

7 - not to drink water

Drinking water plays a major role in weight loss. A study suggests that drinking a pint of water before meals for 30 minutes helps to lose weight more than drinking water before eating. Drinking water also stimulates burning calories between 24-30% in an hour and a half. Drinking water will therefore have no undesirable effect on weight loss.

8. Do not sleep well

Good sleep and well are essential for optimal mental and physical health, and some studies suggest that inadequate sleep is one of the most important factors that may increase the risk of obesity. This increases the risk of adults by 55% and in children up to 89%. Therefore, not sleeping for sufficient periods to meet the needs of the body and mind of rest may adversely affect weight loss.

9. Infection or use of medication

Some diseases can cause weight loss or difficulty loss, such as hypothyroidism or PCOS, and some medications may be used. In this case, consult your doctor and discuss the best ways to lose weight and achieve optimal weight.

10. Unrealistic expectations

Finally, it should be recognized that losing weight is not easy. Although most people who seek weight loss lose a large amount of weight initially, over time it becomes more difficult. So the expectation of losing many, many kilograms per week is totally unrealistic. As the lack of weight loss at a large rate continuously according to those expectations does not mean the body stops losing weight, but indicates the need for patience and to do more.


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Very well said! It's all about lifestyle change. When I was working out right before my wedding, all of this made sense because I was putting in the work to do research and then do it. It's all about motivation :)

Lifestyle changed something beautiful

Great Information... if anybody follows it, definitely will help to lose weight faster.

You can use 5 tags you used only 3 😉
Dieting and eating are two things controlling My life.... and the third is steemit

Drink water

True and sleep Thats it ! I Will survive !

I wish you health

The concern with quick weight loss is that it always takes extraordinary efforts in diet and exercise — efforts that would be unhealthy which you almost certainly cannot maintain as permanent fashion changes. A weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds every week is that the typical recommendation.

Wish you all good health thank you

Good post especially the drinking more water and 30mins before a meal. Very interesting.
I would put not giving alcohol is a big reason, many people still believe they can get a way with drinking and lose lots of weight, it's far easier if you jump on the wagon for a bit.

Wish you all good health thank you


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lol this is a dying plan

Wish you all good health thank you

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