How to have your Lips made beautiful?

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How to make your Lips beautiful, fresh and shiny? I am here with a new beauty episode.

Hi dear friends good morning. I hope you all be safe and sound.
As you all know that healthy and beautiful lips add more to your personality and beauty. Soft and silky, red and pink lips wishes everyone, specially women . It is a common concern which is faced by everyone that lips become thin, dry and ugly by losing its freshness, colour and beauty with the passage of time. Specially smokers' lips get darker due to smoking. Most of the women and girls have became victim of the modern technology being used for making their lips beautiful and large. So, today i am gonna share with you some tips for making your lips beautiful and large.

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Tips for beautiful, fresh, red and pink lips

  • Gently exfoliate your lips with a small amount of sugar that will remove dead cells from the lips and make them smooth and soft.
  • Never forget to apply lip balm, Vaseline and glycerin to lips before going to bed at night.
  • Gently scrub your lips with baby toothbrush at the time of brushing your teeth. That will remove dead cell and lips will look filled, fresh and bloated.
  • Vitamin E are easily available in the market. Take out the internal material from the capsule and apply it to lips.
  • The last most important tip is that drink 8 glasses of water daily that will keep your skin and lips fresh.


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