Chinese tourist Jie Shao almost killed beauty clinic owner in breast implant procedure

in health •  2 years ago 

Having lived, worked, witnessed and experienced working and using the various services in Asia, particularly in China, Russia, India and so on, I would sincerely like to make developing nations, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and UK to be extremely aware, cautious and scrupulous when assessing, investigating the sources, authenticities and the credential certifications of professionals, especially in highly paying jobs in Australia, including Medical Practitioners, Nursing, teachers, carers, Engineers and so on for the following reasons:

  1. Most of the Educational Institutes, Service Organizations and Graduates are very poorly trained, because the Educational Institutes and Service Providers are very poor and very crowded, because they receive very low wages.
  2. Cheating, bribing and obtaining false Certifications, and Credentials is widely practiced.
  3. Many of their teachers, General Medical Practitioners, Engineers and Scientists (do what ever it takes) to secure migration status and highly paid employment salaries in the Western World..
  4. When migrating overseas most of them go through bribing, providing false information and do what ever it takes to receive false reference reports and recommendations from their schools, colleges and Universities.
  5. Migrants, especially the ones who come from the above mentioned countries tend to continuously network and exchange information with each other, support, serve, defend and cover up on each other.
  6. Consequently, I would be wise and smart to be aware, cautious and scrupulous when dealing with the assessments and the grant of registrations to practice overseas to minimize abuse and ensure safety, security and integrity of the vulnerable OPEN Systems, Organizations and People in the western world.

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