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RE: ** Life with epilepsy nr.2 - The Falling Sickness **

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Thank you for your good detailed contribution. I know a lot about epilepsy now and I'll keep getting more information. This has again shown me how gloomy our world history has been and was and unfortunately is still in many areas and how important the fundamental rights are. Dignity is inviolable, respecting and protecting it is a duty of all state authority. Human rights must not be violated, everyone has the right to the free development of his personality, to life and physical integrity. This is the foundation on which one can lead a good conscious life. But still it is not easy, because there are so many walls inside and outside us. Life is so delicate and fragile and many scars are in us, you know, it's like the leaf your photograph shows. The sharp wind, the cold of life hisses through the tender leaf. But you know, it can not be shaken, it is a whole, with all its leafy veins and leaflets, and so it shall be. And we are also a whole and you trust yourself, there is something in the dark and after each night shows how incredible our being is and works. Even if many things shake us, this is the reason on the ground and we feel that is the ground of truth and on this ground we are now growing our lives, without fear, I know that fear is there, that's how it is what comes, it is this reason that picks us up and something will carry you in spirit. And this is the ground at which we can or can not act, the best in every minute we feel at that moment.
Do you know how beautiful you are? The world is open: D. Try to feel free.


Dear @suntree that are some powerful words and thank you for that... Not a lot of people have seen that in person and it’s really not nice to friends, family and co-workers know how to react but a lot of people don’t and if that happens somewhere outside... jeah I’m not sure how will people react...
I need to learn how to live with that... But with time I hope will be better and not so common... that’s my goal now :) one more time, thanks for your kind words ❤️

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