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Sleep is something we all love doing because it helps refresh the body. You forget every worry around you if you are able to have a nice sleep. But what happens to you while you sleep is a mystery. I think you would like to know them. Read this very interesting piece for that knowledge. Very necessary!


Decoding what happens inside our brains while we sleep is still a grueling task for science. While the scientists are at it, we have listed 10 bizarre and mysterious things that happen while we catch forty winks. The reasons why these happen are still mystery, nevertheless, we have listed their probable causes.

SLEEP PARALYSIS: It refers to the state of waking up but not being able to move or even talk. It can be paired with scary thoughts and hallucinations. It could happen because our bodies ‘turn off’ the muscles related to breathing except diaphragm during our sleep.

HYPNAGOGIC HALLUCINATIONS: This refers to imagining scary and fantastic creatures around you when you are about to fall asleep, that is, when you are on the verge of falling asleep but are still awake. They are most common in children and this explains their resistance towards going to bed. It can result from stress or a healthy imagination.

REPETITIVE DREAMS: This is one of the most fascinating phenomena of dreams. You would be surprised to know that recurring dreams are related to our reality at least in part. The dream is repeated by our brain because we are trying to come to terms with something that has happened. Let’s say, you were attacked by a robber or snatch thieve when you went out to buy groceries. It is probable that your brain would play that scene again and again in your dream so that you come to terms with it. Whereas, everyday events like grocery shopping will get processed easily and your brain will move ahead.

SLEEP SEX: There are many people who wake up mid act and it is called as sexsomnia! The reason behind this is similar to the reason behind sleepwalking. Your body is coming out of sleep while your mind is not conscious enough and so you may begin sex with your partner while you are still asleep. Psychologists say that one’s attitude towards sexsomnia and the way people behave during it is very different from waking sex.

DREAMING WITHIN A DREAM: It can happen that while dreaming, you feel that you have woken up. However, the dream-like, strange things continue to happen. It is because you didn’t wake up in reality but within the dream. This happening was also explored by the movie ‘Inception’. The only explanation that exists for this is a predisposition to spiritual practices, nothing so scientifically though.

SLEEPWALKING: This one can be a dangerous occurrence as when you sleepwalk, you can hit yourself into something, rush out of your house or even get behind the wheel. The worst part is that when you will wake up, you won’t remember anything. This happens because while sleepwalking, your body is awake but not your mind. The cause of the phenomenon is unknown but it affects children more. The risk could increase with certain medications.

OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE: It is referred to as a neuropsychological phenomenon in which a person feels that his consciousness is outside his body and he can see his body lying on the bed. Scientifically, there is no explanation to this phenomenon, however, for occultists, it is a proof of the existence of soul. There are many who practice doing this consciously in order to expand their cognitive capabilities.

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