3 Drinks that will help you lose weight

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1. Lemon water

One of the best home remedies for weight loss is water with squeezed lemon juice.

day on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm water and the juice squeezed out of a lemon. Not only help you to lose weight but it finds you much better physically since this drink is very alkaline. By True, it also helps you cleanse the body of toxins.

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2. Papaya juice

The benefits of papaya are many, among these it helps us purify our body.

You can prepare papaya juice to lose weight with pieces of this fruit, a teaspoon of honey of bee, 2 teaspoons of whole oats and a glass of water. Blend everything until you get a homogeneous mixture. Take it daily fasting.

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3. Grapefruit juice

You need 2 grapefruits, water and some honey. Cut them and squeeze them to the fullest. A homemade trick to get all the juice out is to put them before in hot water or put them for a few seconds in the microwave oven.

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