After giving birth to my baby I was so fat for many months when I eat healthy foods and zumba this is me now...

in health •  2 years ago

After giving birth to my son, I was so fat and I just don't know that I cannot control myself that I always love to eat cakes,ice cream,pizza anything as long as my craving will be followed. But after a year I decided to change lifestyle just to eat healthy foods like fruits,vegetables and fresh fruit shakes instead of rice I eat sweet potato and also doing some zumba exercise watching youtube while taking care of my baby for only 30 minutes a day that I sweat so hard. Look at my picture...

After it's me now after decided to change lifestyle

Before it's me wearing in red dress..

With my family

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Congratulations on your safe delivery and welcome to your little cutie. You have a beautiful family. Please do take good care of your baby


thank you so much globalfoodbook.Yes my baby is so precious to us. take good care of yourself too.


You are highly welcome. I will take good care of myself my dear and I hope you too.
Wishing you a blissful weekend ahead!

Wao you did a great job , looking smart and healthy. It happened with many women they do not care of their physic after child birth. I think all should do exercise to remain fit and fresh like you

You look lovely and healthy and have a beautiful family!

You don't seem fat anymore. It pays to do all the fat-reducing activities you did.

Now that's what I call "loving yourself" the right way! You're beautiful!


thank you cosmictriage.

Awesome! You should be very proud of yourself!


thank you so much

That's very inspiring.

Do you do a lot of cooking at home too? Do you mostly cook Filipino food? Don't you find it tough to eat Filipino food without rice though?

As to the zumba, are there any particular videos you'd recommend?


@aseancatholic yes I cook also only healthy foods. I don't eat too much rice only sweet potato or cooked corn. This zumba I could recommend I want to share this from youtube.


I cook also but healthy foods...I don't eat rice only sweet potato or cooked sweete corn

kumusta! u look great. keep on. health is wealth!