Motivational Monday!

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Today is QUADZILLER day!

The first day of my new training program. It's the biggest training day of the week for me and the one that needs the most energy! I must say I am not feeling it at all, so I thought I would seek some motivation from another man that inspires me "The ROCK"


Image source "Pinterest"

I'm sure I am not the only one that on some days they just don't feel like training but I know consistency is the key to building muscle on muscle.

I am going to have a big cup of black coffee and an orange them I'm going to get this done.

Let me know if any other Steemians are feeling the same today.

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Good luck my friend! The Rock is also one of many inspirations of mine!

Thanks @thehalfrepper Leg day done and dusted for a week and now I feel fantastic as always after a training session.

Good Stuff! Nothing more motivating then looking at the muscle gains Dwayne Johnson aka "the rock"has made over the years.

The Rock has gotten me through many a training session and this is another one. Thanks for the support

Yeah I hear that! After seeing him in new movie, I think to myself man i better get my act together and starting hitting the gym harder.

I know the feeling. He is around my age so i have no excuse

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