Kill us off with vaccines, the healthcare system and reproductive health- as stated by Bill Gates.

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Bill Gates states that "the population can be reduced with vaccines, healthcare system and reproductive health." He states this in a lecture at the end of this video around 5:06 in. He states this out in the public and he realizes people are so brainwashed, they won't do anything about this. Be aware of what the agenda is. Don't inject yourself or your children with these toxic poisons or rely on the healthcare system. Reproductive heath = abortions. Not the answer please.

Bill Gates funds a large scale vaccine program. Knowledge = Power.

Protect yourself and your family.

"What's Wrong With Our Society And How It Effects Our Lives"
We are enslaved and being let astray from our true nature. There is abundance, there is no need of poverty. Conquer and divide tactic.

Take action!

"War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World"

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I mean this in the more sincere possible way, but you have to be very careful what you are posting in public. You will be under attack if you get a large following and you gain any credibility. I learned this the hard way and I want you to be safe. It's important that you look after yourself and although I can see you want to let others know what is going on, I would highly advise against this because it's not worth your life. I would focus on your own life and just getting out of the system on your own. Let everyone else figure out what is going on if they choose to do this, otherwise you are just wasting your time and energy like i said before. What do you have to gain by telling people this information? We cannot stop this so don't risk your own safety please I beg you to stop posting the information that you are focussing on here. Anyone can have access to Steemit and the the wrong people see what you are doing, you could lose everything.

I don't get you because one minute you seem to support me and then the next you're telling me what to do and trying to instill fear into me it seems. It seems like you're trying to gain my trust by sharing similarities and i don't know what your motivation is.

Why do you care about me, you don't even know me and I've already asked you kindly to not interfere in my life and i haven't asked for your advice. I am asking you to please stay out of my affairs and I'll speak my mind and share my research as I see fit.

You're really starting to bother me and if you keep it up I'm going to mute you, like i've done with the other people who are trying to bring me down. I'm a very smart person and I see what' you're trying to do.

You are trying to get me off this platform that is free and uncensored and get me onto Google and Youtube and you know dam well they control those platforms. My information will be stored here for safe keeping.

I have no idea who you are and i'm not interested in connecting with you anymore and i'm not trying to be rude i'm just setting my boundaries and you're making me very uncomfortable and you need to back off ok.

Why are you focussing on me so much? I'm not the only one here exposing the truth. As well, the more exposure I get the less they will be able to try and target me. I am strong and protected and I fear nothing.

It is sad to read @redskyblue thoughts. He says he is a "Free Thinker, Freedom Fighter" but his words are meant to censor your thoughts. There is too much of that going on today regarding choice. We the People should have a choice in what is put in our bodies. Please keep speaking out about the important things in life that matter.

i'm not trying to go against you, but the great man whom you quoted, well what happened to him for speaking out? He was taken out and lost his life. i'm trying to help people here and keep them safe and your encouraging people to voice their opinion out in public puts them at risk, you have to understand that. are you going to be there to protect one another when they come after you? No. The majority of people do no even realize what is going on, let alone do anything about it. it is an uphill battle and you will not win with an army of a few hundred and you are all alone and these people control everything including the internet. All these videos will be taken out of circulation soon and there will be no oppositional information available. just live your life for you and your family and don't worry about anyone else because they won't listen.You don't understand the magnitude of their control they have over everyone, it is far worse than you even know or can imagine. Protect yourself and if you want to talk about thing of this nature, do it in private face to face, do not broadcast out in public, its not worth it, its pointless and futile.

Your words do not reflect a freedom fighter maybe you should change the introduction.

We can too stop this! We ARE stopping this. We have every right to destroy these Nazi eugenicists. The founders would of been shooting already. I hope you are ready for SHTF dude. Welcome to the NEW West!!!

you have no idea who you're dealing with here, these people cannot be stopped. They have so much power and they can destroy you if they so choose. I'm trying to help people not get hurt here because it's not worth losing everything. people won't wake up and they have won already. do you want to go down fighting? it's not worth it. the battle is already over. Speaking out will do nothing but make yourself a target. who's in your army protecting you? because these people have lots of backup here. You are all scattered and unorganized, there is no hope, so stop wasting your time please. i'm only trying to protect you and help you, i'm not against you. I once believed I could stop this but then I got shut down and i can't get into that here. I don't want people to get hurt, i know you guys are well intentioned but it's no use believe me.

Keep tiptoeing through life only to arrive safely at death dude SMH. YOU are the problem talking like that. You needent look any further.

I know I am a target. THAT'S THE POINT!!! Don't threaten me with a good time! YEE-HAW!

I quote Atreyu:

"If were all about to die anyway, I'd rather die fighting! Come for me Gumorck!

You are at a time period in history where you need to reach down into your skimpy little jockey pants and see if you got any balls left!!!

They have given us all a genocidal death sentence forcing us using violence at gunpoint to make sure we comply. Nazi Germany was practice. I say FUCK THAT! That is what the guns are for dude. So I hope you are ready for SHTF. You are witnessing the beginning of it.

Well we live in Canada and it's very difficult to have guns here. This young lady who you're encouraging is very naive and has no idea who she's up against. She's has no-one to protect her, she says she lives in the city and has no survival skills. she's trapped in the system and she's stating some very powerful information that could potentially get her in serious trouble if she keeps it up. I have a family to protect and care for here and i can't risk my life. i'm focussed on my family because can't you see no-one cares about what you guys are talking about, you can't reach them, so why are you bothering. Maybe you can protect yourself, but don't try and push others out into the spotlight when they are very vulnerable and have no idea who they are fighting here. this is a very complex and well organized group of people and they will stop at nothing to carry out their plan. I recommend just getting out of the system and fending for yourself, don't worry about anyone else ok because they will not listen. I'm recommending you guys to focus on yourselves and don't go out in public with this information that's all. You might say you're brave now, but that will be a different story when they have you and your family by the neck and are threatening your lives, I have been there my friend and i want to warn others. I am not your enemy.