Herb of the Week mint (Pudina)

in health •  last year

Mint is a herb which has no side effects, that is, you can use more mint. Let's know about the best health benefits of mint, which is very important for your lifestyle. Mint is also good for digestion. The digestive tract is corrected by its consumption. Mint chutney is very tasty. Peppermint works like a magnificent antibiotic. Mint provides you with comfort and comfort. Did you know that lot of mint is used in most pan bombs. If you want to change the mood immediately you can smell the mint leaves. Mint contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, D, E and contains a small amount of nutrients such as Vitamin B complex. Pudini khushushu is so strong that it can be your best friend in cooking. If it works to increase the test, then make sure you have friendship with this versatile herb.

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