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My latest research has led me to Glutathione (GSH) and in particular Liposome Glutathione and I have decided to bring this into my life with a greater awareness and start supplementing it daily.

My research and my experience has so far shown that glutathione in regard to our biology is probably as essential as water and oxygen, if not more.

It seems to be the essential ingredient to life itself and directly correlated to ageing.

All the latest research I have found is showing that almost every single disease is associated with low glutathione levels.

There is a big connection.

Glutathione is a substance prominent in every single cell in the human body and is a critical component to life itself.

Glutathione is a molecule composed of three protein building blocks / amino acids - cysteine, glutamine and glycine.

Glutathione levels are essential so that other antioxidants such as vitamins C, E, selenium and carotenoids, can be appropriately utilised within the body.

Glutathione is also essential in other vital biochemical biological functions such as energy utilisation, immune system activity, detoxification, synthesis and disease prevention.

It also seems to be a major reason why we eventually die and why we show significant signs of age.

The more GSH, the more prolonged life and reduced ageing tends to be.

Is it the spark of life? I think it is and I have it everyday and ensure all my foods are GSH friendly.

Our glutathione levels drop over time due to poor nutrition, heavy metals, bad water, medications and toxins and the resulting lack of glutathione is what makes us deteriorate and become more susceptible to all kinds of diseases and health problems.

Therefore, in my "Non Expert" opinion your entire diet and lifestyle should revolve around increasing your glutathione levels as much as possible and seek eliminating and reducing everything that can potentially deplete glutathione.

Taking Liposome Glutathione is the most direct and the most powerful way to increase glutathione levels quickly and sustainably.

This entire understanding of GSH could well be the biggest breakthrough in life enhancing knowledge.

It has been nicknamed the “nutrient of life” and the "spark of life" for a reason.

I have been taking it for a week and my productivity is up, my concentration is up, my focus and energy is up.

The biggest glutathione reducer in the body is toxicity. Heavy metals like mercury, aluminium and synthetic oestrogen's from chemicals and toxins in the environment.

If you have a high level of toxins in your body, they are depleting you of glutathione.

The best thing you can do to really get your glutathione levels up is to ensure you remove as many heavy metals from your body including dental fillings and then get the heavy metals out of your body through a heavy metals detox which I will also do a blog on.

Another thing that depletes glutathione is a poor diet full of processed foods, varieties of sugar, wheat, conventional dairy products, and any foods that you may be allergic to for whatever reason.

All these things will lower your glutathione levels.

High sugar in the diet can seriously deplete glutathione.

Studies show that glucose and fructose, two forms of sugar, significantly decrease glutathione and should be avoided.

Chemicals and plastics, conventional toothpastes, make-up products, shampoos, creams, sunscreens all destroy glutathione levels.

They are not worth it.

Find alternatives that are natural.

Testosterone is also greatly effected.

The best foods to eat are high-sulfur foods:

    • Garlic
    • Ginger
    • Turmeric/Curcumin

Other foods:

  • Organic Vegetables
  • Avacados
  • Tomatoes
  • Squash
  • Broccoli Sprouts
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Maca
  • Raw Egg Yolks
  • Raw Milk

The best nutrients:

  • Magnesium
  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Bovine Colostrum
The best supplements:
  • Magnesium Oil
  • R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (not ALA or S-ALA)
  • Liposomal Gluthathione

I have Alpha Lipoic Acid pictured here however I will be buying R-Lipoic Acid in future as it is preferred for best results.

Avoid S-Lipoic Acid which is found in most generic Alpha Lipoic Acid compounds (50/50 R & S) and is synthetic.

R-Lipoic Acid:

  • Supports Neurological Function
  • Precursor For Glutathione
  • Antioxidant Water and Fat Soluble Tissue
  • Essential for Liver, Eye & Nerve Health
NOTE: Cooking reduces the glutathione content of vegetables by 30-60%. Eat raw where possible

Also find a means to reduce stress through practices of mindfulness, grounding, sun gazing, 432hz vibrational therapy, yoga, outdoors, reading & laughter.


SOURCES: All words and videos used in my posts are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant.


Picture Source: drjockers.com



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Very interesting! Peace

It is very interesting and I am a strong ambassador for GSH and suggest people research a little deeper themselves and find ways to boost GSH. I prefer Liposome Glutathione and I am ensuring I eat all the foods listed above as well as those on the Dr Sebi food list. Life is better with good levels of GSH. Have a great day and thanks for coming past my page and I hope I can add value to your life.

How interesting, I'll have to look into it. Do you have any research on the subject you've seen that you can direct me to?

There are heaps of studies online for you to reference in regard to the effectiveness of GSH supplementation and the benefits of GSH overall. Here are few case studies however you can benefit from finding your own if interested

Reference 1- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3162377/
Reference 2- https://setriaglutathione.com/glutathione-studies

Upvoting and following. A very insightful post

Thank you and I hope this information is of value. I feel it is crucial to a better life. Have a great day.

Upvoted and followed, very interesting =)

Thank you. Appreciate that you cam past to read this information. All we can do is share what we learn in the hope it helps another.

thank you for sharing @sebastianjago, this is very useful information....

No problem. I love this subject and I am forever looking for teh gold nuggets that bring all of us closer to a greater understanding. The more you research the more it falls into place.

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