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RE: Soy boys – Is soy latte consumption feminizing men?

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maybe, yes. Though I did not find a legit source for lower testosterone levels in Asians in a quick search either. This article, that is not scientific itself, but cites some science, claims otherwise. So I guess also the idea of a racial difference in testosterone levels is contested.


I don't have a source present at the moment, but I know from anti-doping rules, that the testosterone levels which are allowed, are much higher than the normal caucasian men and (east) asian men have, because the testosterone levels of blacks are highest. But I bet this is not true for all blacks. If you compare olympic level 100 m sprinters (which usually hail from West-Africa) and 10'000 m runners (which usually hail from East Africa), I think they also have a huge difference in testosterone levels.

Ah, for africans that might indeed be partially true. Very interesting aspect, ty for clearing this up & commenting!

You are very welcome.

Sag mal, Du betreust doch De-STEM, wenn ich mich nicht irre.
Kannst Du mal einen Blick auf folgenden Artikel von mir werfen (vor allem der untere Teil) und mir sagen, ob das in diese Kategorie fallen würde?

der obere Teil nein, der untere Teil unter Umständen ja, wenn es noch ein bisschen ausgebaut und für den "Laien" eine Spur verständlicher erklärt wird.

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