Your brain has destroyed your habits gradually !!

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Our brain is the first and main task to manage our body. Except this, we are an object matter. We are dependent on the brain for all our activities

Your age can take away the brain's sharpness. There is no chance to avoid it. But there are opportunities to avoid the current habits that are taking away your brain's sharpness.

Insomnia, junk food and physical inactivity may cause damage to your brain for several reasons. For these fresh and healthy brains, be aware of these issues. Let's know, what are you doing wrong every day


Excessive sugar intake: Sugar must be used in our daily diet. Due to the use of excess sugar, our body lacks nutrients and proteins.

Much more sugar intake reduces the absorption capacity of the body, especially the brain's protein and nutrients. As a result, the neurons and cell growth of the brain stop and the brain does not improve. Which has a great impact on our brain. So the quantity of sugar must be reduced.


Eat too much: We used to eat more than once a day after eating more than one meal. It is worse for the body as bad as the brain.

Due to excessive eating at one go, the body increases with other nutrients including sugar. The brain veins tighten down. As a result the brain loses its normal performance.


Low sleep: Like other cells in our body, brain cells are also damaged due to various reasons. And this damage causes the brain to rest your sleeping time. As a result of less sleep, you can suffer from emotional depression.

Your brain may contract in the future because of less sleep. Even if you do not slept well for two days, but the amount of your work at the office or home decreases.


Do not eat breakfast: Many people are very indifferent to breakfast in the morning. But in the whole night we stopped but our body does not stop.

If you do not have breakfast in the morning, there is a shortage of body sugar, which is necessary to reach the brain. The brain can not work properly and the brain's performance decreases.


Smoking and drinking: Both smoking and alcohol are a serious harmful habit for the brain. Especially smoking is like a curse for the brain.

Due to smoking, the brain's veins are compressed. The supply of nutrients, blood, oxygen etc. is not in the right way. This causes the brain to suffer from serious losses like memory loss.


Extra junk food intake habits: Another English name for fast food is junkfood. And this junk food is harmful for both your brain and heart. Processed, savory junk food can gradually disable your brain cells.


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