Testimonial: Non-Verbal Autism ... and he speaks <3

in health •  2 years ago 

Here's a lovely video from a little guy I've been treating for about 1 year.  I think I mentioned him in one of my diary posts before because he spoke his first expressive language about 4 months ago ... and it was to chuck his granny out of the bathroom!  haha.  
Sorry I have to post link out to facebook as I don't know how to get a video off facebook.  :-)  


He's struggled with eating and that's resolved nicely between lycopodium and some eating therapy sessions.  He was very under weight so we are glad to get on top of this.  

His other great gain is LANGUAGE.  He was non-verbal when we started so the significance of this video is massive.  

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yay! congratulations! my boy's now 7 and is still non-verbal

Have you tried homeopathy @zeppelin? I'm seeing good results with quite a few non-verbal kids. Most of the children I see have regressed after vaccines or a series of antibiotics and when we work constitutionally and also detox the vaccines and other medications we see lots of good developmental changes as well as language.

I had one child I was treating who very quickly exploded into repeating everything he heard during a vaccine detox!

start earlier rather than later.

You can find me here if you want a free 15 min chat: www.calendly.com/sallylloydhomeopathy