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Here are a number of ways you can resolve seasonal allergies.
Some temporary relief and some long term cures.


Temporary relief from pollen related allergies: 

  1. Local honey!  Get some that's harvested within 1 mile of your home [not always easy to do] and eat a spoonful daily during allergy times. It works to control the symptoms!  You can try honey from further afield but it might not contain the pollens that are bothering you & you need these in small quantities to 'immunise' you.  Try it if all you can get is further away.  It tastes nice!  Whoever said medicine had to be a bitter pill!
  2. Homeopathic antihistamine 'Histaminum' [UK] [USA] ... can be taken daily as a substitute for pharmaceutical antihistamines [which usually cause drowsiness and other side effects. Some are linked to liver damage and  linked to dementia].  Homeopathic remedies are free of side effects, safe and effective :-)
    Histaminum can be used to control allergies caused by other allergens like animals, paint fumes, perfumes, etc.  It helps the body to moderate histamine production.  Usually a daily dose of histaminum 200c in homeopathic solution is about right [a few drops is enough].  Start taking it a bit before you expect to be exposed and continue throughout the season.
  3. Homeopathic remedies for individualised experience of pollen allergies: Different people have different symptoms and need different remedies.  Eyes, nose, ears, chest/breathing and sinuses are usually the areas affected, with some people having skin involvement too.   
    See the remedy chart at the bottom of this post to select the best remedy for you [or speak to a homeopath/ homeopathic pharmacist].  [UK & USA pharmacies.]
    You can safely take the best fitting remedy in 30c potency every 20 minutes [in homeopathic solution] for up to 5 doses.  As soon as the symptoms improve, stop.  Start again when needed.  If it's not working after 5 doses, try the next best fitting remedy in the same way. 

Long-term Cure of Hay fever: 

If you want to cure your hay fever, see a homeopath and get treatment out of season!  We need to see your underlying total symptoms without the acute hay fever episode obscuring everything else.   In season you will be palliating the symptoms only.   It's worth it as you will raise your overall level of health at the same time, and deal with other irritating symptoms you might have.  

Remedy chart:

[Full names of remedies here]  

[as I pulled these charts from my own notes]: red are the most intense/most likely remedies, followed by blue, then black.  'd/a' means differential analysis ... which means you should check out the remedy suggested.  > = better for.  < = worse for.]

Good luck!  Enjoy the summer!

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Nice post! this will help many people.

Cheers @correctdrop. I was hoping so. This is the kind of call I'm getting every day so thought I'd put it down somewhere (in the first aid section of my website too) 😄