Remedy you need for the current flu epidemic (please resteem)

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The Ozzie flu is global right now (I’m treating cases from all over the US, UK, and elsewhere.)

The predominant symptoms are classic flu (fever, congestion, aching, weakness) plus bone and sinus pain, eyeball pain, head pain, vomiting and a very bad cough (better on knees with head low).

The remedy I’ve needed to prescribe everyone so far is Eupatorium Perfoliatum. I’ve prescribed 200c 2-3 times daily for 2 days in most cases.


It can be purchased via Amazon or from in the US, or in the UK (ship worldwide). There is also a new helios opened in Canada.

To attempt to prevent getting it or make it milder, take Eupat perf 200c single dose a few times weekly during the epidemic. This is safe for babies, pregnant woman and old folk too.

The current flu jabs are not covering it and it has hospitalised people (particularly the chest symptoms).

Be sure to have it in stock and please resteem.


Thanks for sharing your remedy! Much appreciated


Vitamin D
D of Deficiency ;)


I'll resteem so that others might benefit... for me it's kinda late, I've been down with the flu for the last four days.
I've managed to locate a pharmacy selling it in my town so if I make it to tomorrow I might buy it for my son, who's also in bed at this time.
Thank you so much for sharing this information to us.

Darn! I’ve been sharing this all over Facebook but forgot to share it here. Sorry ❤️ It may still help to take a few doses to finish it off too.

Important info @sallylloyd. Maybe Steemit can be the place we post the remedies for any of these epidemics that occur now and again.

Good thinking @alanfreestone. I'm kinda paintballing facebook groups and steemit to make sure!

How many strains of flu are there and are they man made? The flu jab sheddings have caused so many outbreaks of various flu these last few months. Phenomenally awful. Wishing you all have soon topped up on some vitamin d and ways to have a strong immune system to stay healthy!

Yes @evebelieve, I definitely saw the post flu misting cases October-November time, the about 3 weeks after the first serious flu cases with a very different, particular set of symptoms (different as flu goes you know). This particular outbreak was painful and dangerously chesty but eupatorium perfoliatum 200c, 3 doses a day for about 2 days has been pretty radical in all cases I’ve seen (40+ now). The sinus, eye and bone pains have been horrible and the cough suffocating. But I’ve treated people with asthma, epilepsy, etc and they’ve come through it well.

Its great what you are doing! @Sallylloyd. Bringing natures cabinet to the people as it was intended. xx

Ah, bless you!
Yep! It’s great work to do and could well save some lives. Why can’t the NHS embrace it? I’ve seen some 40 cases now (via text mostly because the remedy is so clear by this point).
Lovely testimonial here:



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