Emergency Remedies List: Have these at home!

in health •  11 months ago

I've been asked by my private Facebook patient support group to provide a list of "On the way to hospital" remedies for various emergencies.  
Here I go: 


How to make a combination emergency remedy: 

Remedies can be made into specific combinations in a homeopathic solution [like the on for anaphylaxis or the one for heart attacks].  [How to make a homeopathic solution]

Ordering Remedies:
The pharmacies I most often use are here.

A bit more detail.  I'm finding the best articles linked from the web: 

Heart attack:  https://www.jbbardot.com/homeopathic-remedies-can-stop-a-heart-attack-in-its-tracks/

Overview: https://homeopathyplus.com/first-response-homeopathy-remedies-to-use-in-a-disaster/

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great informative articles..


You have not the slightest basis for any of this. Quackery.