World Pancreatic Cancer Day - Pioneering research against pancreatic cancer

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Today is the World Pancreatic Cancer Day.
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this man is the surgeon who operated on my mother and Steve Jobs, he is THE world authority on pancreatic research. His name is dr. Casper van Eijck.

On this day I ask extra attention and awareness for pancreatic cancer.

The illness my mother died of.

Many well-known people have also had this disease, including, Steve Jobs, Luciano Pavarotti, Patrick Swayze.

Every day eight people die of pancreatic cancer in the Netherlands. #SupportCasper wants to change that by supporting research into whole new treatment methods.

A lot of money is needed for this purpose. You can donate via this website: SupportCasper

Together we have to succeed!


Fellow Steemians, have the best day!
Life is for living, so live it! - @s3rg3


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Gmaff (I think that's the name, was showing astounding results I believe, with pancreatic cancer ...
....then big pharma shut the researchers down - dead...

This must be a tough day take care