My weightloss goal

in health •  5 months ago


This is me in 2012... so my ultimate goal is to get into that shape again soonish!

Need all the support I can get.

Like @ned, I am also committed to eat less the coming months from now on. In the first place to be more energetic but I really want to loose enough weight so I look like in the photo again.

I am doing this in the first place with intermittent fasting and eventually with OMAD. One meal a day.

Thanx for the support in advance!

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I tried it, it works. It takes time for the stomach to adjust, but once it does, the weight goes down rapidly. You get very tired at first, but afterwards body returns to the old days and saves everything. You’ll feel lighter and better. Just hold on first weeks

wow what a wonderful shape if you really want to get back to yor formal shape set your mind straight on it and belief you can et it and you will because i believe in you upvote or resteem link thank you.

Im right there with you s3rg3! my brother told me about intermittent fasting today and i think ill give it a try as well :)


Hey hey way to go! Good to know someone is doing the same! Well let’s support each other! Thinking about an intermitted fasting diary.

We need to talk about this....... if its healthy I Will give it try otherwise you Will go with me to Linda DEAL? Hulk T-shirt ??

With the OMAD diet, is there any program you have to follow? cause it sounds just the opposite. With that I mean that when your body only get once a day some energy (and was used to more), it will save them as fat for energy later. It's a kind of survival mode of the body. So I'm currious how the OMAD works? :)