Life will get better with TURMERIC ??

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From the period of ancient India, Turmeric is well known as Ayurvedic medicine, and on the other hand, known as spices. One of the most useful items of human being is Turmeric. There's many advantage of turmeric. From which we get lots of benefit every day.


Turmeric is basically collected from the tree roots. Turmeric is used in whole world, including India, Pakistan. Along with cooking, there'r many uses of Turmeric which good for health. Turmeric contain nutritious materials like proteins, vitamins C, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, and zinc are yellow. Which is very useful in human body. Especially the use of Turmeric for the skin is very beneficial. The use of raw turmeric is most useful. Raw Turmeric is very fruitful in both bowel problems or skin problems. By using turmeric, you can get the solution from sleep-related problems. The easiest way to get rid of skin bleaches, sun burns, acne scars, etc. daily use turmeric. Moreover, it is used to get relief from allergies.


How to use:

We all suffer from acne problems. Acne always leave it's scars also. Which doesn't easy to remove. To avoid this problem use turmeric everyday. Take a amount of turmeric powder in it, add little water and lemon juice. Wash the face in the cold water when it gets dry. Those whose skin is very oily, mix the sandalwood and raw turmeric together and lie down on the night before bedtime. Wake up in the morning and wash the face in cold water.

Nowadays, due to the pollution, anti ageing present at the young age. With raw turneric it's ease to remove the age-old mark. Mix the raw turmeric, sandle, and mix it with a variety of yogurt and apply it to face 3 days a week. Practice eating a whole raw turmeric with honey every morning. Get rid from Stomach problems, and skin problems. The skin will become bright and smooth. It can also reduce weight. The body will become stronger easily. Turmeric can save you from the cold. If attacked with cough or cold, drink a mixture of turmeric with a glass of milk, you will get better. Also, drink a glass of turmeric mixed milk on every night, those who have sleep-related problems will benefitted.


Apart from turmeric carcinogenic material, it is resistant to viruses. The use of raw turmeric can reduce the type 2 of diabetes. The use of turmeric is very important in our daily life. Whether it is cooking or athletics. We benefit many by the quality of the turmeric, which can not be denied.

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it is very healthy and ım gonna try this . thanks for sharing us

thank you rishan

turmeric can likewise assume an imperative part in processing that nourishment. In light of its cancer prevention agent and mitigating properties, turmeric can add to solid processing. It's utilized in ayurvedic drug as a stomach related mending operator.

Turmeric is a truly holistic healer. It could help to improve most illness especially pain and cancer prevention but there are two things to be cautious when using turmeric:

  1. Yellow stain on hands, body or cloth
  2. Not to use too much, daily dose from 500-2000 mg.

Interesting the post, did not know the healing properties of the turmeric.

Interesante el post, no conocia las propiedades curativas que tiene la cúrcuma.