Health is our Greatest Wealth

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Save Your Health and the Planet

Our health and the planet are intimately connected. When the planet is sick, we become sick. Our air, our water, our food all plays a role in our vitality. The more toxic these elements, the more sickness and disease we have in society. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Terminal and Chronic illness is at alarming rates and it is not debatable that the food, air and water quality for the masses have been compromised. There are millions of peer reviewed studies on toxicities effects on us. When they all reduce health simultaneously, the compound effect can be an early termination of life.

The human species is under chemical and biological attack by our own reliance for government to manage us. Now we can cut our reliance on government to bring us food and be create food sustainability in our communities one organic seed at a time

Many problems affecting our health and ecology can be resolved voluntarily by choices that matter.

There are five basic ways to help protect your health I will be outlining in future posts.

  1. Fast, it’s better for your health to skip meals and you can save great money becoming more efficient with your digestion, requiring less consumption altogether. Learn to fast, practice, use healthy teas or just water to detox and boost your immune system dramatically.

  2. We can boycott the companies and foods that cause ecological havoc. Companies will be powerless to fold under the lack of consumer market.

  3. Create organic permaculture and sustainable gardens, becoming most health conscious regarding natural foods we can grow even with limited resources. Don’t buy conventional food or anything not organic. As they are expensive for people on limited budgets, fasting, skipping breakfast or even lunch as well can save you money enough to afford the quality foods over quantity.

  4. Live a charged life with activity to prolong it. Cultivate flexible tissues with stretching and exercise in a balanced way for the heart, lungs and muscles to increase longevity.

  5. Going vegan is arguably one of the most revolutionary things you can do as it cuts dependency to meat which squanders resources that would otherwise be used to feed people and would lower the cost of those resources so more in the world could eat under their extreme economic conditions. Controversy is dependent on ignorance.

As controversial as it is for the masses, peer-reviewed studies, academic publications and logic will be used to share the truth about veganism, the truth, and carnism, the religion dependent on slavery of animals.

We can not be free and expect freedom when we live lies dependent on the slavery and barbarism of other species that is not required for us to exist any longer. We are not cavemen, we are here to evolve further and veganism is a logical consequence of our evolution towards a society based on freedom for all beings.

There is no freedom for humans when we are conditioned to live on the slavery of animals that results in early death, disease and famine of our own species.

We can grow to also share foods as a natural community exchange free from government and corporate agendas.

Veganism is the non-aggression principle of manifest in our choice of food consumption just as owning precious metals and crypto is the non-aggression principle manifest in our choice of wealth acquisition.

There are many ways we can change our lifestyle to improve our position for the health of the planet as well which I will emphasize with academic papers and peer-reviewed research backed writings on this channel.

Knowlege of health freedom and the elimination of cognitive bias from media conditioning based on facts will help spur the physical, mental and spiritual evolution of the human species we are designed to achieve.

Freedom for all must be for all species. There need not be any more moral double standards and hypocrisies.

Do you want greater health, to experience greater love and gratitude for all life and take actions that lead to a more free planet? You can now be rebellious from the societal conditioning and know that there are enough healthy and successful vegans like myself who will gladly offer to support you in your journey away from animal foods. You can and must break the cycle and experience the fresh outlook veganism can have for your life to appreciate it the way we do to the point you will never want to go back to eating from death again.

Love and Let Life Live

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Health is root for every happiness. If our health is not well, nothing will makes the enough good to be happy. Becoming happy in once life, good health is necessary.
And your suggestions for protect our health, I am agree with all the 5 points there. Having healthy and good food is necessary with the minimum amount of exercise. Nice post. Waiting for the following post.


A personal post for the records. It’s a pleasure to write like this. I have many worlds planned on specifics.


Keep it up. Sometimes trying different things will bring you much more pleasure. Let the mind to choose a topic. Write on it. It will be pleasing to do so.

Didn't expected the point of veganism. Totally appreciate and resonate with it.


That’s good, yeah, I have many games ya that argue it’s the most rebellious thing to save our own species from elites conditioning of our seeminlgly damned souls, not to mention the animals. The trends show we will be OK moving forward and the ideals of exercise, organic foods, veganism, fasting and gardening will continue.