Lucid Dreaming | How To Lucid Dream | Part 2

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In the my last post we talked about what Lucid Dreaming is and what benefits it has. 

In this post I will be talking about how to do it and about some tricks you can use.

Here is a video on Lucid Dreaming as well from one of my favorite Youtuber

                                  How To Lucid Dream

  • Keep A Dream Journal 

Keep a Dream Journal close so that when you wake up you should immediately write down what you remember because later on you might forget.

You can use a pen and paper or your phone as a journal. 

By keeping a Dream Journal you can keep track of your dreams and see patterns, and then you can train yourself that when you see these patterns you realize it's a dream.

  • Reality Checks  

Reality checks are tasks you can only preform in real life which can help you decide whether it's a dream or not.

Here is one reality check   

  Things you should do and not do when your Lucid 

When you start Lucid Dreaming you should start off slow like just flying and feeling objects.

The reason you wanna start off slow is because doing something to exciting you could wake up, and if you feel yourself slipping out of your dream and about to wake up, start spinning many people have said this has helped them stay asleep and Lucid.

As you get used to flying and other thing you can start doing more exciting things without waking up as you get used to it.


Lucid dreaming is an amazing tool with many benefits and I think we should use this tool. I think it could really help some people, or even if you just want to have some fun.

Hope you enjoyed reading and learned something. 


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Good post bro ! Keep em coming. QUALITY CONTENT XD