LSD Microdosing Week - Day 2

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Okay my Esteemed Steemers, let's write this down. You good? I surely hope so!

So, I will try to describe how my second day of LSD Microdosing went and how I felt like.

LSD Microdosing Day 1 with all important info is here -

LSD Microdosing - Day 2

The second day of my microdose started with waking up (duh) and feeling pretty well and optimistic since the first wakeful moments. Could it be an afterglow from Day 1? Possibly.

An idea about the afterglow effect came to mind mainly because roughly 3-4 ongoing days before I was feeling sluggish, downspiraling and generally lacking motivation. All of that is gone by now (I am writing this while experiencing my third microdose) and a strange feeling that the LSD has something do to with it is present.

I started the day by taking the dose right away and going on to do some usual morning stuff. Roughly an hour later I decided to visit my garden, take a good, strong, black coffee with me and enjoy the sun while doing some mobility exercises. By the time the coffee started working, the LSD was doing it's thing too. By the time I was leaving the garden, I was feeling ecstatic! You know those precious moments when you can laugh at your own self and not take shit so goddamn seriously all the time? That was exactly it.

As I went on with my day, I decided to get some work done. Usually, when I translate, I listen to some kind of a breaky-drum and bass, nothing too invasive but spacy. This time, the sounds and the flow of the music felt more "in tune" and the grooves just clicked with my perception much better. Definitely a HUGE enhancement of music.

Roughly an hour later I started to feel like I need to calm down a bit and bring the excitement down. By this time my body felt really good, more like plastic and artificial than usual. Hard to describe.

All in all, I got my work done with no problem. The only "downside" was enjoying the music too much so it distracted me from work from moment to moment, as I felt a huge need to do a little dance here and there.

By the time the clock hit 5 P.M., I realized I was still mostly up and feeling the effects of LSD strong. My perception of space, colours and mainly smell and hearing were like if you pushed the volume up just a bit, but a bit that makes all the difference. A few tokes from cannabis, smoked roughly 1 hour before this moment, could play a role.

These long term effects of LSD got me thinking about how wierdly powerful this substance is. A mere microdose and you still undoubtedly feel it almost 11 hours later.

All in all, the day went perfect. I got all the stuff I wanted to get done, done and enjoyed the process more than usual. Communication with other humans was not impaired in any way, therefore I think I would not be afraid to use this as cognitive enhancer for social events too.

Anyways, if you read this far, I thank you very much, wish you a great rest of the day and stay tuned! More stuff is coming.


All these descriptions are making me want to replicate your experiment... your experience in the garden and with the music sound beautiful! The way you write about your state of mind definitely reminds me of Aldous Huxley's experience in "The Doors of Perception".

Psychedelic drugs get a bad rap but there is a significant amount of evidence that, administer in a controlled manner and safe conditions, they can be really beneficial for the betterment of the human mind and especially emotional health. Really enjoyed your posts on this series!

Such a blast to hear that Irime !

Yes it was beautiful, LSD definitely got my attention.

The taboo around psychedelics definitely fades fast, really looking forward to what future studies discover about this amazingly interesting substances

Great post and series. Keep them coming :-)

Thanks zoneghost! Day 3 currently in progress, expect new post tomorrow ;) cheers

Following you for the lsd tales

Thanks ! Much appreciated

Another one coming in today ;)