An extraordinary story of diabetes.part # 4

in #health2 years ago

Let's go back a bit. People who have diabetes are very high, whose cells are very hungry, why do not they rot in any body in their body cells? Because, the cells survive (burn) the fat of their bodies. Because their walls are also made of fat, so there is no problem entering the fat cells! But in this case the danger is another. The body is falling apart, the weight goes down, the elegance of the skin is damaged and the blood poisonous chemicals are stored!

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Give you a homework. Burn a piece of cow or fat on a gas stove! See, the whole house is filled with a lot of sorrow. Because of burning fat, some chemicals are poisonous. So patients with high levels of diabetes, who have to survive on their body, are constantly submitting toxic chemicals in their blood ... which can sometimes lead to death!


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