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Introduction to Essential Oils

Hi – my name is Peter, I’m a wellness advocate for dōTERRA. What does that mean? It means I’m passionate about using essential oils in my daily life, and passionate about sharing them with friends, family and anyone out there who is interested!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants. They are extremely powerful! One drop of peppermint oil (which is fantastic by the way, if we were in person I would put a drop in your hands, have you rub them together, then bring your hands to your mouth & nose and inhale. It’s quite an experience!) has the same molecules of peppermint as 28 cups of peppermint tea. So there’s a simple rule for beginner users, less is more!

Here’s a nice little video to explain where essential oils come from.

Why choose dōTERRA essential oils?

I choose dōTERRA essential oils because I trust this company. And I don’t give my trust, especially to corporations, easily or lightly. I have been involved with this company for almost 12 months before I have felt really comfortable in saying that I trust them.

Here is a video that shows the quality philosophy of dōTERRA, which of course is an extremely important aspect. But more than that, this company has established co-impact sourcing which serves 2 purposes. They ensure ongoing supply for essential oils, but they truly impact the communities who grow these plants for essential oils. This is so important because it creates loyalty from the farmers, harvesters & communities. But if the farmers are happy and taking care of the plants, then the plants yield higher quality & greater quantities of essential oils. It is all one big ecosystem where each action has multiple consequences throughout the chain.

Which oils?

I’m going to focus on just a few of my favourites here.

Lavender was the first essential oil that I had interest in. I wanted to get some lavender to apply to my children’s feet at night to assist them with relaxation. My kids love lavender, and my son insists that we diffuse it every night before bedtime.

Frankincense also known as the king of oils, or oil of truth, is now my favourite essential oil. I absolutely love its smell, and use it most days in my household for its health benefits.

The other product I use almost daily, is the Deep Blue Rub. At the moment I’m training for a marathon, so each day after my training runs I out deep blue on my muscles. I have found that my recovery from training runs is much faster when I apply deep blue.

How do I get these great oils?

It’s so easy. I have my own website where you can go and purchase the oils and have them sent directly to you!

On the website, there is a SHOP & JOIN & SAVE BUTTON. If you go straight to shop you can start purchasing the oils at retail pricing. If you go to join & save you can create an account, and get significant discounts off the purchase of your oils. Of course, feel free to contact me for any assistance or information on essential oils.

If you live in Australia, chances are I will be visiting an area near you so I would love to come and see you in person so you can smell these fabulous gifts of the Earth. Feel free to write to me as above.

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Totally understand the trust thing. There’s been so much upheaval with Oils Companies.

I’ve been using Young Living on and Off for about 5 years... and I just started using DoTERRA last year aswell.

My intention is to really get a feel for them and see which if either call me to share as a business aswell.

I share both with people I meet.. but I trust at the right time i’ll Know if i’m Meant to choose one in particular. I love these oils.

I love peppermint and wild orange. Wild Orange in Coffee is Amazing.


I have trouble picking my favourites at any given time. Working with copaiba and marjoram tonight for relaxation and opening my heart. But how lucky are we to have easy access to mother nature's treats like this.


Yeah they are pretty Epic.

I have Aroma Touch & Rosemary at the moment. Diffusing and on my pressure points.

I love Aroma Touch.


I haven't tried aroma touch yet. Must do so!


It’s Amazing.

So Incredibly Gentle.