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in health •  16 days ago

Then we have Mushrooms believe it are the only plant that has vitamin D,and what is great is that mushrooms can also make this vitamin when they are exposed to UV also just like the human body too the difference is that the mushroom makes vitamin D2 and animals make vitamin D3,and mushrooms has about 2000 iu per 100 grams which by the way is like 4 times whats needed,but you see the commercially grown mushroom is grown in the dark which lowers the vitamin D so really even the ones that get treatedwith UV light only have like about 350 iu per 100 grams so the best thing here is to get wild mushrooms,then we have fortified foods like cows.milk which also has calcium and phosphorous and riboflavin,plus there is soy milk,then you have like cereal and oatmeal,but the bottom line here is to spend some time in the sun also.

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