Do not Origin, It's 6 Step Excite Breast Wife

in health •  2 years ago

During warm-up session, many men rush to stimulate the wife in the clitoris area. In fact, for women, breasts merupkan area of ​​pleasure when getting touch and stimulation from the husband.


"Unfortunately, that's not understood by men," says sexologist Stephen de Wit.
If husbands want to help make a wife horny to satisfaction, there are several steps that can be done on the breast area.

  1. Start gently until you know the point that your wife likes
    Not all parts of the breast can awaken the wife's passion. A husband should learn that. "Browsing with your fingers can begin with a gentle touch from the outer side of the breast," sexologist Jessica O'Reilly said.

  2. Gentle gently
    Not only with the fingers, can also provide stimulation through the breath.

  3. Stay in touch without disturbing the atmosphere
    When providing stimuli in the area, de Wit advises to stay in touch. "It may be awkward, but it can be tried to say, 'Do you like it?',"

  4. Let the wife show the point
    Active role not only from husband, but also wife. For example say, 'try to point which point you like'.

  5. Pay attention to the reaction and the sound of his breath
    Successful stimulation will make the blood flow to the breast area increases. Characterized by reddening skin and darkened areola. Then his breath hunted. By paying attention to it all, the husband so know the excitatory points in the wife's breast.

  6. Use ice or silk
    Giving sensation of stimulation in the breast using ice can make women 'hot'. Or other touches like silk fabrics can also.

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