Characteristics of Kidney Function Damage

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Kidney function as a filter of impurities in the blood, balancing fluid in the body, forming urine and helping other organs of the body make the kidney as one of the vital organs for the body.


So what happens when this organ starts to stop working? It should be noted that without normal kidney work, one will tend to feel tired and weak because of the lack of blood supply that flows through the body.

If the kidney has entered a toxic state or known as uremia, then this condition can cause seizures and trigger death.

Here are the features that are wrong with your kidneys:

  1. Swelling
    If the kidneys can not afford to remove the liquid waste in the body it can cause swelling of the hands, face, soles of the feet.

  2. Changed urine
    Changes in urination can be the first sign of kidney failure, for example: difficulty urinating, there is blood in the urine, darker urine color in small amounts or pale color but in large quantities, urinate midnight and looks foamy.

  3. Rash on the skin
    Kidney failure can cause red nodules or itching due to the inability of the kidneys to remove dirty blood.

  4. Fatigue
    In a healthy kidney, a tired hormone called erythropoietin or EPO is responsible for making red blood cells carrying oxygen created. Without it, the red blood cells and oxygen flowing in the body only in a limited number, causing the brain and muscles easily tired and can lead to anemia.

  5. Short breath
    Because the flow of oxygen in the blood is limited, the body will lack oxygen intake, causing the lungs to contain a lot of fluid.

  6. Feel the iron on the mouth
    This happens because the amount of dirt that accumulates in the blood which changes one's appetite,

  7. Pain
    Pain appearing on the back or side of the kidneys can be felt by patients caused by kidney stones.

  8. Difficulty concentrating and dizziness
    This happens because the brain does not get the needed oxygen supply, so the patient will be difficult to concentrate due to the dizziness that strikes. It can also cause loss of the patient's memory.

Before it's too late, love your kidneys from now on. Here are some types of drinks that can help detoxify your kidneys and restore balance to its function.

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