6 Foods and Drinks that Eliminate Sex Passion

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Food and sex always have complex relationships. There are a variety of foods such as oysters, dark chocolate and ginger that enhance the sex making. However, there must also be food that eliminates intimate tastes.


As reported by Time of India, there are times when someone is asked to reduce or leave a snack that makes sexual desire to be reduced. Anything?

Sugar for example, is harmful to health because it can cause hormone imbalance. It increases the levels of the insulin hormone, which can cause low libido, erectile dysfunction, abdominal fat, muscle loss and fall in testosterone levels.

  1. Cheese
    Cheese becomes a food that is difficult to digest and can cause bloating and gas. It also removes blood from the sex organs because it takes time to digest and interfere with hormone production, including estrogen and testosterone.

  2. Soda
    The soda is considered to contain artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame which directly affects serotonin levels. Enotonin is a hormone to grow libido in men and women.

  3. Mint
    Mint is one of the best known medicinal plants because it has antiseptic and stimulating properties. The herb found in mint called menthol can lower testosterone levels and make you perform poorly in bed.

  4. Caffeine
    One of the worst foods that cause sexual dysfunction is caffeine. Consume enough caffeine, but again drinking too much regularly can cause excessive stimulation of the adrenal gland. So you should avoid tea, coffee, cola if you want a healthy sex life.

  5. Alcohol
    Alcohol and caffeine can decrease sex drive. Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction and binding organs.

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