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Who is the man who does not want to get a longer erection resistance?


For a harmonious life, of course many things are feared by a man. Not only from economic problems or familial relationships, but also problems on the bed with a partner. Sometimes, this is what can make a man feel inferior and worried about his ability to satisfy the couple and himself. Maybe to satisfy yourself will be more easily achieved, but if not coupled with the satisfaction of the couple? Male buddies too will be a hassle, and start to feel ashamed.
But do not worry, man's friend need not be embarrassed because Babang have a solution.
will be natural ways that man can travel to maintain and strengthen ereksi buddy. Of course this is what many men need in their home life so that harmony will always be intertwined. As for the steps that a man can do, as follows:

Quit smoking
Maybe all men know that the content of substances that are in the cigarette is not good for the health of the body and the health of your sexuality. In addition to triggering impotence, smoking can also reduce the endurance of erection so easily sluggish and weak. Only the myth that states that with smoking, then men will be more manly, precisely the fact that there is otherwise. Logically, if the body is not healthy, where can the erection remain strong?

Drinking coffee
Apparently, the content of caffeine in the coffee can improve eruption of all men. This is because caffeine is able to increase metabolism and smooth the flow of blood to all organs of the body including personal weapons pal. By this means, the blood pumped up to that part will be able to withstand longer erections that occur.

Exercise to stay in shape
The point is to maintain health and fitness. If the body is fit, then a solid erection will be a good result. Especially with the obesity factor that can interfere with the reproduction of sensitive organs of mate, then better get used to the sport to avoid diabetes and heart disease. So the problem of sexuality my friend will not be disturbed.

Consider a vasectomy
No need to worry about this type of contraception. Maybe a lot of men who are reluctant to use this type of contraception is due to the nature of men who do not want complicated let alone undergo something that still makes him hesitate. But in fact, in addition to preventing couples mate to get pregnant again, this type of contraception did not interfere with the endurance ereksi my friend. Of course, this is recommended only for men who already married and do not want to have more children.

In fact with a yawn, erection can actually stay longer friend. Yawning is basically controlled by a substance called nitric oxide, which also applies when you begin to get an erection. The substance when released by evaporation will move down through the spine, then to the blood vessels to flow to your personal weapon. So do not hold back the steam!
How, interested in trying one way? Or just want to try everything for maximum results? Yes, in essence, keep your health keep your friend's sex life with your partner stay safe and comfortable.

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