There are 10 "scientific" ways to quit smoking

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Smoking is a serious harm to health. But eliminating this harmful habit is very painful for most people. If you want to quit smoking, most of the trouble is withdrawal syndrome. It goes through a lot of physical and emotional pain in the person who smokes. But there are some scientific ways to go without smoking habits.

Let's see, 10 strategies...

Step - 1) Nicotine replacement

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Depression on nicotine is made in the body due to smoking. And if you suddenly quit smoking, the body is deprived of nicotine and it can be seen that the symptoms are different. Depending on the amount of nicotine available in other ways, the dependence on smoking decreases. It can be used for nicotine patch or nicotine chewing gum.

Step - 2) Fix a day

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Imagine you have a test, so you will already study for that test, is not it? Just fix a day in which smoke is to be burnt. Then you have an urgent need. But do not delay the day. Make sure you leave the habit of smoking in a day or six in the next six months or one year.

Step - 3) Write down when you are smoking

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Take a notebook. Write as many times as you smoke. If you see that text then your anger will be on your own. I think I have smoked so long? From this, you will undoubtedly reduce your smoking. Not only that, but you will also be cautious about any work you are smoking.

Step - 4) Counseling

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Counseling is useful not only for mental problems but also to eliminate all the harmful habits.

Step - 5) Get help with a loved one

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Not just professional help, but many of your closest people can help you to overcome this habit. Get help from them. They can benefit you much from you.

Step - 6) Exercises of empty hands

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If you want to smoke without smoking and do physical pain, then exercise for 5-10 minutes. Your attention will move on to the other side and during this time the desire for smoking will go away.

Step - 7) Weightlifting

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Not only the exercise of empty hands, but small weightlifting that can be useful in releasing smoking has also been found in several studies. You can keep an office desk on it and use it if you want to smoke.

Step - 8) Text messaging

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This is not very applicable to our country. Some countries in the West have the advantage that those who are willing to quit smoking will get a text message containing the benefits of giving up smoking and smoked smoking in a specific time in a row. What you can do is tell people you know to send regular mean messages. But you always have the urge to stay away from smoking.

Step - 9) Smartphone App

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Many people now use smartphones and there are many apps used in them that can help you quit smoking. You can take down one of the apps.

Step - 10) E-Cigarette

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If there is a lack of a cancer stick in your lip after all this, then take an e-cigarette. Many claims that it helped to quit smoking.

Some word:

be refreshed & kick stress then I hope you will be easily quit smoke...

** Question of the day **

Do you smoke? & what do you think - Among these strategies which on better to quit smoking?


Best regards: @Mynulislam

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A very helpful post. It is very difficult to stop, the tips you mentioned are all very helpful. We tend to smoke out of habit, to take a break etc. there are very good books as well as antidepressants that help to take away the withdraw symptoms


@outofafrica Exactly, i hope we can do quit smoking.try hard & get the win. thank you for connect with me...