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I'm sure, we all hear that. The best way to start a kick ass day is the have a solid breakfast. Children! Children need to eat every morning before they go to school, even if they are not hungry at all, it's a crime sending a kid to school with empty stomach!

You got the point, I will cut it short. Everything that writes above is a complete bullshit. Forcing your kid to eat in the morning is the worst thing that you can do. Even it's healthy foods. I'll tell you why...

Do you wake up hungry? Most of us don't. If you do, that means somehow you fucked up your system. It's not in our nature. Let's think of the paleolithic lifestyle of our ancestors had for millions of years. Did they find a toasted bread in front of them every morning? Most of the times, they couldn't find any food for days, weeks, months! Yet when you miss one of your important meals your blood sugar level drops and you feel dizzy. Guess what, your blood sugar levels supposed to be low, very low, all over the floor! and your body should be able to switch to burn your fat source easily.

Our body and mind is in the sharpest state when we are burning fat. And it really makes total sense, there is nothing to digest, deliver and evacuate so your body focuses all of it's energy to your muscular and cognitive activities. It even affects your flow state. There is literally tons of other things happen when you extend your empty stomach (fasting) period. Your immune system improves, body starts to burn old cells (prevents cancer) as energy source, your insulin sensitivity increases, you burn fat etc...

Why everybody says that breakfast is important?

Lets look at the origin of the slogan. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." is an advertisement slogan, written by James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their addictive, easy to prepare food products. Yes! you red it right "Kellogg". And since then, including those gentleman, food industry pays doctors to tell people lies about how important to eat breakfast everyday.

The golden rule of social engineering; the more you repeat, the more people believe.

What breakfast do to you?

Spikes up your insulin, when your body were just fine starting to use fat as a healthy energy source, you load up glucose into your blood. Glucose is blood sugar. . Every time your insulin level drops, your brain says hey dude, there is no more glucose, if you don't give me more carbohydrate, I will start to use ketone bodies (produces from fat) as energy source. By having 3,4,5 meals a day with lots of carbs, you make your body dependent of the carbohydrates. It smart, why would it waste its energy store? You chase high sugar foods all day, because of this constant up and downs on your insulin levels! The problem is, sugar feeds cancer cells. Also because of these unnatural spikes of insulin, your receptors loses it's sensitivity in time and it causes a lot of modern times diseases people are suffering.

Don't Break Fast in the morning!

It is an extremely long and interrelated subject. I will end it here. I will write more about health, dieting and fitness in the future. Also I plan to continue on this LIES series...

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My sons never want to eat in the morning. They both say it's nauseating. Now me, I can't get moving without breakfast, so I guess I've screwed something up, huh?

Remember that our bodies are adapting machines. Try intermittent fasting. It's a really really fast adapting process. I'll write about it soon with my own experiences but don't wait it. Just google it. I also STRONGLY recommend you to watch this video.

Okay - I'm going to try it this morning. Wish me luck!

nice post, thanks for information..

Couldn't agree more with your post! I only get coffee in the morning, and my son has nothing at all for breakfast. He doesn't go to school so getting a snack later on is not a problem

Thanks for confirming my believes bro :) I am with you on this totally! Upvoted resteemed and followed!

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It's fun because since I was a child, I don't like to ea in the morning.

nice article..we need such information..thanks for sharing