To reduce high blood pressure, make garlic tea.

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The name of a big problem called 'high blood pressure' during the cycle age. At one time only this disease occurs in the elderly, but very young people are still getting high blood pressure. And generally we only accept medicines to solve this problem. However, in addition to medicines, many people have taken some natural remedies to control high blood pressure. One of them is garlic. Garlic contains elements called alicin that help reduce blood pressure. Garlic is very useful to reduce high blood pressure. One-two koya garlic can be chewed directly. To reduce high blood pressure, use garlic every day. Alicia is very sensitive material. So wait 10 minutes before cooking garlic with garlic or chopped. Then use the food. It will mix well with alicin food in garlic. You can also use sliced garlic in salad.

Let's now know how to reduce the blood pressure


(1) garlic
(2) honey

Made method

(1) When one cup of water gets hot, give it to one kilogram of garlic, let it burn for a while. Wait 5 minutes. If you want, add half a teaspoon of honey. Drink this tea every day.

Also, taking 600 to 900 milligrams of garlic powder can reduce blood pressure from 9% to 12% daily. In the 600 milligram garlic powders, 3.6 milligrams are aligned and 900 milligrams of garlic powders have 5.4 milligrams of aluminum. So do not get too late to drink garlic teas under high blood pressure control.

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