7 great foods that will prevent cancer.

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Cancer is known as 'Death Disease'. This mortality disorder can also be prevented with food. Do you wonder what happened? There are some foods that prevent morbid cancer. Keeping these foods in daily food list and keeping regular exercise with them is possible to keep the cancer away. Let's know the name of some foods that can prevent cancer.


There is a lot of beta carotene in the carrots that prevents various cancers such as lung cancer, tracheal cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer and even breast cancer. Drink a carrot or a glass of carrot juice every day.


Many studies have found that the risk of having cancer in garlic is very low. It can prevent cancerous germs. Even some of the cancer germs are broken. Eat a leftover garlic every day, it will help prevent cancer within you.


Tomato juice spoils damaging DNA cells. In addition, there is 'Lycopine' component which prevents cancer. So two to three tomatoes should be kept in the food list per week.


Nuts contain anti-cancer material called selenium. Nut reduces the risk of colon, lungs, liver, and other cancers. Put peanuts in the morning or afternoon breakfast. In addition, nuts may also keep your body away from cancer.


One study of the American Cancer Society says that yellow contains 'car cumin' elements which prevent cancer. Besides, it is an antioxidant that enters the body tissue and makes the body resistant to cancer. You can use turmeric like raw milk, or fish and meat, as needed.

6.Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidant catechism that prevent various cancers. One study found that green tea prevented tumors. Green is more effective than ordinary tea.


Cauliflower, fructose, broccoli is a fennel that removes the toxic substances of the body. Apart from this, the galactose material removes bacteria in the gut. Broccoli sulfurous, indolence component reduces the risk of lungs, bladder, lymphoma and breast cancer.

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