Guess What? Alcohol is more dangerous to you than Marijuana

in health •  10 months ago


Yeah you heard me right middle age moms with teens smoking marijuana, your more dumber than your children (Sarcasm).

University of Colorado did something and it was RESEARCH (not the cure of cancer research), it was about Alcohol and Marijuana.

I’m telling you it’s probably some white dude named Henry that did this.

However UOC conducted a research on 850 Adults and 430 teenagers, tested them with both of the things. ( couldn’t find any other word for it). What they discovered was the Alcohol actually is more detrimental to people than Marijuana, imagine my surprise!

alcohol has led to lower brain volumes of grey and white brain tissue. Grey matter controls brain function and white matter controls communication between the nerves in the brain.

However, the study has told us that just because of this evidence, we shouldn’t give marijuana priority over alcohol. Due to the reason there being different side effects of alcohol.

I don’t drink alcohol at all due to religious reasons which states that under the influence of alcohol a man can hurt himself or he can hurt other people. However smoking drugs is also against my belief unless it can help you through treatment, such as cannabis.

Cannibis is a drug where it used in treatments, therefore it is treated as a safe drug.

However, to all the people out there that think marijuana is bad and young teens shouldn’t be involved in it. You better pray and hope to god that they don’t find this study

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I think I have read a similar post. I agree in what you are saying. Smoking anything though is harmful to your body. Especially marijuana is often used illegally and therefore often rolled without a filter, that is present in regular cigarettes, which results in you getting more harmful substances into your body. Smoking anything has negative effects, and alcohol does mainly cause you damage aswell.


I’m just kinda pointing out the hypocrisy where people drinking alcohol think that smoking marijuana is the same as doing heroin, but what you are saying is right, just because marijuana is less harmful it shouldn’t be smoked.