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RE: Keto & fasting 2 – being metabolically flexible, and how this ties in with what our ancestors ate

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Great job putting this all together @kiwideb,

Two amazing insights here:

unless we deliberately choose to fast, autophagy never takes place

Alzheimers Disease is now being called Type 3 diabetes. That’s because the brain cells have become to resistant to insulin, and now the sugars can’t get in to fuel the brain.

The first I recognized as I see the average body size in South Korea increase in with much more than height.

The second I was not aware of by now. In college I studied about how prions changed the Beta Protein structure that influenced degenerative disorders like Alzheimers disease. People were blaming it on eating "bad" beef but I thought there was something more that was making this protein plates change. That was 1997 and I haven't read much about it since but now I can see how a healthy autophagy metabolism would decrease Alzheimers symptoms.


Yes, I agree autophagy will help Alzheimers and other illnesses, but I think even more important is the ketones feeding the brain. I never thought about mad cow disease possibly having another cause. Maybe if the brain was better fed and more resilient, it wouldn't have affected people the same. And of course, another side effect of that was more people becoming vegetarian, which can have all sorts of bad side effects unless done very carefully.

I'm trying to help my wife now with various complications but most of them rooted to gaining weight after taking medicine." She realizes now but can't practically change her eating habits of so many carbs and sugars. It really starts with the way we shop.

In the next post, I want to make some suggestions about how to change from a high carb diet to a higher fat one. It's not easy but worth it. Hopefully some of those ideas will help her. If you drop me a list of some of what she eats, I can maybe address those foods especially.

Great stuff. If only we can follow. I mean practically in our eating. I hope so.

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