A theme of conscience. Caring for ecology helps us maintain health.

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Ecological health, at present, is a very important factor for humanity. It may be the health of the future, the one we should all care for. Imagine a world where the environment is so polluted that you can not even breathe. Even, that you can not expose the skin to the sun because the effects of radiation are unimaginable is something terrifying !. It is sad to think that someday we could get to this. Let's do a little conscience and start by taking care of the environment!

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The causes of ecological problems can be multiple, the mismanagement of a resource due to its uncontrolled and irrational exploitation, ie its overexploitation, the existence of unfavorable conditions in the type of development and even the lack of an environmental culture. In many cases it is the latter that unfortunately has an important weight in the emergence of problems that affect the environment, and which include indiscipline, negligence, indolence and many other attitudes that have a fully subjective character.

Among the greatest environmental alterations that are taking place on earth, as a consequence of human actions, are climate changes, global warming, the greenhouse effect, desertification, acid rain, depletion of resources natural, the disappearance of species, the accumulation of toxic and radioactive waste in soils, water, air and others.

The impact of the destruction of the environment is a subject that should interest everyone, without exception. No one escapes in relation to pollution. We all contaminate and provide, in some way, waste to the planet. The importance of educating about it is fundamental and essential.

In the present, there are people who bet on organic agriculture as a means of sustenance. These people have surely reconsidered since they have seen the solution in it. It is important, then, to understand the seriousness of the matter. Environmental pollution is the most serious problem of the present and we must educate ourselves in a way that we can be spokespersons, because man does not finish understanding that the environment is being damaged by his unconscious hand. In view of all the technological advance, we can not go back, but YES we can raise awareness. We must use technology to preserve our ecological health.

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