Bananas a Health rememdy for Arthritis and Rheumatism

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Am sure every one on Steemit has had more than just a bit of the tasty yellow stuff called bananas

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But what am sure not all of you know is that is that in addition to being so sweet, bananas are loaded with nutrients that can save lives and also reduce pain and discomfort cause by gout, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. This is possible thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Furrher more, bananas are packed with vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin C. The vitamins combined help make up for the loss of vitamins as a result of inflammation process.


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It is believed by doctors and researchers alike that patients/people can richly benefit from foods with antioxidant, Potassium, vitamin B and antiinflammatory properties and there isn't any other rich in all these as bananas.

Bananas contains the most pure form of potassium in the world which helps in anti-calcification, impede sodium retention and saves bone loss be providing an equilibrium between calcium and phosphorus.

A study by R Rastmanesh and colleagues that involved patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis showed that increased level of potassium was associated with decreased pain intensity in study participants.

Nutrients composition:

A bannas consist of
*12% potassium
*22% vitamin B6
*17% vitamin C

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Here is what more you can get from bananas

** Keeps your blood pressure in check thereby high blood pressure isn't a think to worry about**
** Instant Energy**
** Makes your skin glow**
** Increases libido and sex drive and boost sexual satisfaction after sex**
You might want to consume some bananas before your sexual intercourse

** A great treat to take after coming down with a diarrhoea**
** Thanks to tryptophan which gets converted to serotonin in the brain, sleep is more improved**

Its important that we take lots of vegetables, this way we are more health and lead a healthy productive lives. Most times the junck we eat in the name of good living only ends up killing us. As my mom would say, " you are buying your death with your own money"

Just because you can afford processed foods doesn't mean you need to consume processed food always.

Take a break, consume more water

Eat more bananas

Eat more Carrot's.

Eat more cucumbers

Walk a distances

Run a distances

Live is good when you are healthy and it suck when you are sick

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It's has anti oxidant...... So I try has so much benefits....... Thanks doctor @mart101

I so much loved banana ever since i heard it help the brain

Bananas! With lots of benefits... Well I got intrigued by one of its benefits which is increasing libido and sex drive. That's great to know..

Lol! Its true. It increases blood flow to the male sex organ making it more rigid. So you are in luck.

I love bananas, as well as all fruits and vegetables. Processed foods are little more than garbage, even poison. Most are spiked with sugar, high sodium, and lots of fat.

I used to juice daily (mostly vegetable with some fruit), although I've been slacking lately. I had never felt better in my life! I slept better, had unbelievable energy, and people used to compliment me on weird things; like how shiny my hair was, how bright my eyes were, and how good my skin looked.

I think I need to go make some juice!

Good post/advice.

Thanks @rip-youtube! You know i work with a lot of doctors who are in tune with vegetable and their benefits. One of such is doc Elizabeth Ajigah. She is into juicy of vegis am my God! Does her skin glow even at the age of over 65 so could pass for a 30year old

Yes, it's what your body needs, and wants. Most people, at least in the US, eat mostly fat, sodium, sugar and chemicals.

I love banana...

Now, can u pls compare plantain and bananas. Their health benefit and hazard reactions.

It increases libido and sex drive? I am surely gonna get me some and a lot for my girlfriend when I get a girlfriend. Anyway thanks for sharin with us such amazing benefits about Bananas...You habe increased my interest in it.