the benefits of black carrot and its juice in this winter season

in health •  2 years ago 

black carrots


Many things come in this season. One of which is carrot. There are two types of carrots: one black carrot and another red carrot. Red carrots are mostly used in vegetables and black carrots are used in juices. Black carrots have a rich nutrient element. It is found to contain anthocyanin antioxidant.

The benefits of black carrots :-

  • By eating black carrots, blood circulation occurs properly in the veins. This causes the possibility of acne-related problems becoming less.


  • Drinking daily juice of black carrots also benefits the problem of hair removal.

  • Black carrots are very beneficial for eyes. Vitamin A is found in adequate amounts in black carrots.

  • Lower the amount of cholesterol in the body by consuming black carrots.Black carrot juice can also be drinking by making juice. Drinking a carrot juice while taking meals at night brings many benefits.

  • Daily consumption of black carrots can be avoided by all the problems of the stomach.


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