Try simple recipes for milk without lactose, vegan - how to prepare them at home very easily

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A large percentage of people (65%) in the world have low tolerance to lactose in milk. Therefore, "milk" products such as soybean milk, peanut milk, and so on are also available. Sometimes, it's also possible to find someone who is allergic to soy, peanuts or other nuts.

Does anyone seem strange that people drink milk from animals that are meant for their cubs? Well, some seem strange and prefer to opt for nuts. So if you have low tolerance to lactose, you still want to add some "milk" to your morning coffee, what would you use?

The most alternative choice is soy milk. It has a lot of proteins, fiber and lowers bad cholesterol and raises good, but has a lower value of vitamin D, which has more cow's milk. What if you are allergic to soya? Then get to know 3 recipes for alternative milk from almond, Indian nuts and coconut. The procedure is really easy, but the drink is very tasty! It is used for baking, smutting, coffee, in short, everywhere.

Remember to note that almonds, nuts and coconut milk do not have the same substances as cow's milk. For this, ask yourself what answers you, what you need and what not.

You can add vanilla extract, cinnamon, or anything else to your recipes.


You soak the almond in water and let them soak overnight (min 8h). The almonds are inflated and soft, making it easier to mix. Use salted and unsweetened almonds. Remove water and shake it in a mixing bowl, add water (purified) and mix for about 2 minutes until it looks milky and the almonds are completely ground. Prepare the dish, place a strainer (for the flour to sift) and then a clean kitchen cloth in which you nourish the almonds. You can find the details in the track. The almond residue is dried and can be used again for baking or for morning soup.


The procedure is almost the same as for almond milk, but only nuts are only 2 hours to become soft and ready for mixing. Then the whole procedure is the same, you drain the water, shake it in the mixer, add water, mix it for 2 minutes, prepare the dish, wipe it with a cloth and pour it into the pot that you put in the fridge.


Coconut should be free from sweetening and untreated. It does not need to be soaked, just shake it in a mixer and add warm water so that the coconut gets a little water. Then mix again for 2 minutes, and then, using the same procedure, the coconut milk is expelled with a kitchen cloth in a bowl.

All the prepared milk is kept in the refrigerator for 4-5 days, but it is advisable to eat it, try it.

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