Pressure in your head - 3 tips for less anxiety

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Always busy in your head?

Duhh - tell me something. My head is not exactly the most peaceful thing in my life.

If I do nothing about it, I am always busy in my head. Then there are constant thoughts flying around and I can lose myself endlessly. They are not even negative thoughts - my brain is just endlessly enthusiastic.

But negative or positive - a busy head makes it difficult to relax, to sleep, to enjoy the moment. So I do things to calm things down.

In this article I share my insights. Perhaps it helps you to calm down your busy head a bit.

1. Give it up on paper

A busy head is like a jammed computer. The processor is constantly used for the full 100%, and it gets overheated.

If you want to bring down the tax, you will have to close some programs. And if you want to calm your busy head you will have to throw some thoughts out of it.

How do you do that? By writing.

Grab a sheet of paper or a notebook, and write in the middle: "What keeps me busy right now?" And start writing.

Write down what you come to mind, even if it seems unimportant. A brain can endlessly occupy itself with unimportant things.

By writing it down you do something very clever. You give your brain the feeling that it can relax. Your brain now knows that all those "important" thoughts are written down, so it dares to let go of a few thoughts.

Give it a try. What keeps you busy? Write it down. You can also write about it in your diary. Throw it out of your busy head and on paper or a screen.

2. Dare to accept your busy head

As your bladder produces urine, your brain makes thoughts. There is nothing wrong with that - it can not be otherwise. Your brain is - in part - a thought organ.

And you know - your problems do not arise through those thoughts. Your problem arises because you believe that all those thoughts are true. You take your brain too seriously.

You know - brains often do something. They produce all kinds of thoughts, and many of those thoughts do not make sense at all. The better you view them, the more clearly you see that.

That is not bad, but it is important to remember. Thoughts are not necessarily true and - very important - you are not your thoughts.

Do you know what is so interesting? The more you learn to observe your thoughts, the stronger you will wonder who is actually observing the thoughts. Because if you can observe your thoughts, then you are so different from your thoughts. Something that hangs 'behind' or 'above'.

You are the blue sky. And your thoughts are clouds that float by. They come and go. And if you have a very busy head, it is so cloudy that you have forgotten that there is a blue sky behind it.

The more you think and think, the more clouds will come.

But that blue sky - who you really are - does not go anywhere. As soon as you calm down, the clouds evaporate by themselves, and that blue sky returns.

3. Increase your sensitivity to unrest

We are so used to our busy mind that we often do not even realize how deeply we have gotten into our minds. A bit like you almost forget in the winter how nice the sunrays feel, because there's been a thick cloud of clouds hanging over you for weeks.

The fuller your head, the more restless and agitated you start to feel. And because you are getting busier, there is less and less room to calm down. It is a downward spiral.

What you want to do is to become more alert on a busy head. You want to notice more quickly that your thoughts have been runaway so that you can calm them down.

You can practice this by taking a little distance from your thoughts. By not letting you drag through the content. "So, my brain is again very active today. I think I should just relax. "

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