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My Health Regimen And Routine - The Supplements I Use, The Exercises I Perform, and My Diet...

in health •  11 months ago

Hi dear friends.

As I have already mentioned in my introductory post, I care about my (and my beloved ones') health, but for a reason. When you analyze the reason behind individuals' decision of "being healthy", the reason is often related to a crossroad, a defining moment in their lives. And usually, there isn't a happy story behind it.

My own "defining moment" was the devastating loss of my beloved friend to metastatic colon cancer. While a "healthy eating" discipline and a regular exercise routine do NOT necessarily guarantee a HEALTHY, even a cancer (or any kind of illness) free life, "the loss of a beloved one" was the absolute crossroad of my humble journey for health.

...The loss of a beloved friend plus a history of cardiovascular problems in the family tree.

First things first ; a warning...
Your health is what matters the most!

This is the routine I follow day to day and it's based on my own research ; but just letting you know, I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist by profession.

I am just sharing my daily routine with you in hopes of exchanging our opinions and information. Each person is different in their need.

As always, please consult your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you're already on a medication. Your health is what matters the most!

Please note that even with the lowest possible doses, giving frequent breaks would be a good idea to keep yourself in the safe side. (i.e. taking a week off each month).

For example..: If you're already on a "blood thinner" treatment like "Aspirin" or "Plavix", taking Omega 3 supplements MAY cause problems (i.e. intestinal bleeding) because Omega 3 itself has "blood thinning" abilites too!


"If you want to be healthier than others, then you should do something different than what others are doing."

I don't take hundreds of pills daily.

After all, I am not Ray Kurzweil (he is using more than a hundred pills everyday!)... But there are a few supplements I regularly use...

And yes, this is actually my own hand!


Why am I taking it?..: L-Arginine is an amino acid, and it produces "nitric oxide", one of the key components when it comes to blood vessels' relaxation. The main reason I am using this supplement is its benefits for "artery health" and blood pressure (and it really helped me on that! [Source]). It helps to relax arteries and supports blood circulation.

The first thing I do in the morning is to take a pill on an empty stomach with a glass of water. I only take one single 1000 mg pill daily ; I am a supporter of "low dosages" especially on regular use.


Why am I taking it?..: RESVERATROL is a powerful anti-oxidant which MAY have anti-atherosclerosis abilities ("atherosclerosis" is the narrowing of the arteries because of the plaque building up [Source].) and anti-carcinogen (anti-cancer) properties [Source].

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The French Paradox"? "The French Paradox" describes an improved cardiovascular health despite a high-fat diet (consumption of a lot of saturated fats from animal sources like cheese, butter, meat, etc) in French people.

Plus, it seems we are likely to see more research about RESVERATROL's anti-cancer potential over the coming years..:

"Resveratrol exhibits anticancer properties, as suggested by its ability to suppress proliferation of a wide variety of tumor cells, including lymphoid and myeloid cancers; multiple myeloma; cancers of the breast, prostate, stomach, colon, pancreas, and thyroid; melanoma; head and neck squamous cell carcinoma; ovarian carcinoma; and cervical carcinoma."

Source..: "Role of resveratrol in prevention and therapy of cancer: preclinical and clinical studies"

It has been reported that RESVERATROL (possibly) has benefit for longevity. We are neither a "fruit fly" nor a "worm", but as you know this is how "medicine" works. Even if Resveratrol has the same effect for us humans, the "amount" one should take is still a question.

A warning..: Some users reported pain at their joints, especially at their legs (I never experienced this side-effect)... As always, be careful, and if you're going to use it start with a low dosage to be on the safe side. I use a dosage of 100 mg, three times a week.


Why am I taking it?..: For its anti-cancer properties. CURCUMIN is the substance that gives TURMERIC its yellow color. I like Turmeric very much and eat it a lot with almost any food, but the "CURCUMIN" is the main substance we need here, and unfortunately, Turmeric contains approx. only %2 - %3 CURCUMIN by its weight, and it's very poorly absorbed in its raw form... So I prefer to take it as a supplement to benefit from its protective abilities.

One of the most interesting research studies about CURCUMIN's anti-cancer benefits belongs to Dr. William LaValley. His studies were mainly concentrated on CURCUMIN's protective and therapeutical anti-cancer effects. His findings are absolutely very exciting. Even though he's coming from a classic "orthodox" medicinal tradition, his trip to China completely changed his view on medications and he started to focus more and more on molecular biology to work on the effects of different molecular substances.

"Molecular Approach" to cancer treatment is definitely not a new practice, but the usage of natural substances together with the "Molecular Approach" for the treatment and prevention is relatively new in western medicine. The point is..: We already knew the anti-cancer effects of these substances but we never used them in "Molecularly Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies".

V I D E O - Cancer treatment and the benefits of CURCUMIN with Dr. William DeValley

In Dr. LaValley's own words..:

"This is where (China) I learned about this molecule called CURCUMIN, all the way down to its use in animals and then its use in test tubes or petri dish... One of the amazing things about curcumin is that this molecule has some profound anti-inflammatory activity and has activity in many molecular targets.

There are molecules that are in the cells, and those molecules interact with each other along certain pathways or tracks. The traffic of that interaction, the signals that are transferred in that trafficking of information in the molecules, presents many different targets or molecular-specific complexes."

Curcumin fights cancer in a multitude of ways. It fights inflammation, inhibits the synthesis of a certain protein that is associated with cancer, and prevents neovascularization ("new blood vessel formation") thus prevents the nourishment of cancer cells.

The CURCUMIN I am using comes with a dose of 40mg per pill, and I take one pill everyday.

4) OMEGA 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Why am I taking it?..: Because I like its beautiful smell very much, if you know what I mean! Joke aside, to support brain health, heart health (especially to maintain a healthy HDL / LDL ratio) and immune system. It's also a powerful blood thinner, so please be VERY careful if you're also using aspirin (or any other blood thinner) even with low dosages. In such a case, I would suggest to ask your doctor.


    As you see, I am not holding a SOLGAR bottle anymore!

    When it comes to OMEGA 3 supplements, I prefer to use Nordic Naturals' OMEGA 3 products (the product in question also has a higher ratio of EPA / DHA - Higher the ratio, healthier the supplement) instead of SOLGAR's products. The only fish oil from Solgar that has the correct form, is Solgar's COD LIVER OIL (it comes in "triglyceride" form) though I don't use it anymore (because it has very low amounts of EPA and DHA).

    As you can see from the video below, this is what "ethyl ester" form does to your body. Omega 3 supplements in "ethyl ester" form are not a good option for human health. You should always prefer an Omega 3 supplement that comes in "triglyceride" form!

V I D E O - What OMEGA 3 in "ethyl ester" form does to your body


Have you ever visited IFOS' (The International Fish Oil Standards Program) website? You should do it! IFOS reviews fish oil products, and to see a table similar to the one you see below would be definitely comforting.

Does your favorite fish oil contain mercury in it? Does it deliver what its label promises? Do your search, and IFOS is a great place to start!

5) VITAMIN D3 ("cholecalciferol"; not a vitamin, but a hormone, actually!) + A Quality Multi Vitamin, Mineral and AminoAcid Complex

Why am I taking VITAMIN D?..: To support immune system.
"Vitamin D" deficiency is associated with many diseases like Cancer, Rheumatic Disorders, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Asthma, tendency to Allergies, Cardiovascular Diseases, etc.

BUT... WHY we are deficient in VITAMIN D (+ many Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids) anyway?

The SUN itself doesn't produce VITAMIN D...

You get your VITAMIN D from the food you eat (if you're "lucky"), and then the SUN activates it through a chemical reaction if you have enough sun exposure (20 minutes of daily sun exposure would be more than enough!)


a) The SOIL, (with help of the SUN, for sure) is the source of (almost) EVERYTHING WE EAT.

The problem with the minerals and vitamins is, they are only found in one place and that's THE SOIL! But because of the harmful agricultural practices, the soil, (mostly) is not the same as it used to be. The food we eat rarely contains the minerals and vitamins we need. So, in my humble opinion, you should supplement yourself with them. Of course, it's easy to see the irony, but "sad but true" (hmmm, that reminds me a song from a heavy band)

b) For a moment, let's assume that the SOIL IS IN PERFECT CONDITION (it's mostly not, but let's assume that for a moment)..: In the good old times, the animals we abuse (we are absolutely abusing them for sure) were at least "free ranging". They were moving freely in a natural habitat. For example, chickens were exposed to SUN, eating worms, bugs and even scorpions and getting enough nutrients (and thus also nourishing the Homo-Sapiens with all the necessary nutrients - remember, we're just assuming a "perfect soil" scenario here)...

BUT NOW, we are squeezing them into tiny boxes, they live their whole lives in small cages where they aren't able to move, and not only that, we're also feeding them with unnatural junk food. Unfortunately, the same is also valid for the vegetables and fruits we raise.

So, I don't think it's possible to get the nutrients we need from the foods we are eating. Well done Sapiens!

An IMPORTANT NOTE: When supplementing Vitamin D3, please keep in mind that the "half-life" of Vitamin-D is long, meaning that it will stay in your body for a long time! So if you're using it regularly, keep the dosages LOW! I am using a 1000 IU pill (as you may see from the bottle I am holding) everyday and take a week off each month!

An IMPORTANT NOTE: When choosing a Multi Vitamin and Mineral complex, I always try to choose an option with the lowest possible amounts of IRON, CALCIUM and COPPER...

V I D E O..: Two Supplements This Doctor Says to Never Take
(Well, THREE supplements, actually)

An IMPORTANT NOTE: Beware ANY supplement that contains "TITANIUM DIOXIDE".
TitaniumDioxide is mainly used for coloring and coating (why should we care about the color of our supplements, dear "drug industry?") - Unfortunately, many drugs contain Titanium Dioxide in them, including Plavix (a very popular blood thinner like aspirin) and statin drugs.

Think about this for a moment..: i.e. You have a "heart condition" and taking these drugs for your treatment to be healthier, and then you learn that these drugs contain Titanium Dioxide which is a CARCINOGEN! (let alone the negative effects of the statin drugs themselves!)

What if you are taking 10 pills everyday and each one of them contain Titanium Dioxide? Imagine the total amount of Titanium Dioxide you would be getting in a year! It seems the drug industry assumes that we don't have enough CARCINOGENS in our everyday lives. Absurd!

6) Coenzyme Q-10

Why am I taking it?..: A powerful anti-oxidant, supports both the heart health and the levels of energy. It's particularly found in meat and fish (also found in soybean oil, grapeseed oil, nuts [peanuts and walnuts] and parsley with relatively higher amounts), but as a vegetarian I am taking a low dosage daily from 30mg capsules. As always, I prefer a "low dosage" option here too!

Coenzyme Q-10 is especially beneficial for those who are using "statin" (cholesterol) drugs (I am not) ; it seems this supplement (which naturally occurs in our cells but its production decreases with age) has the ability to repair statins' negative effects. Statin drugs cause muscle damage (that is only a tiny example of what the drug industry does to humans), and Coenzyme Q-10 counteracts this side-effect.

There are two forms of Coenzyme Q-10, "Ubiquinone" and "Ubiquinol", and this article may be a good source for you to understand if it really matters, or not. The one I use is in "Ubiquinone" form.


Why am I taking it?..: I think this is a very important supplement, especially in the era of "continuous light exposure"! LIGHT IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD and DARK SIDE helps your body when your body needs it the most.

Sleep is the time the body can undergo repair and detoxification, and guess which hormone triggers the sleep process? MELATONIN!


Melatonin can only be produced in the absolute absence of light! If there is LIGHT, there will be no MELATONIN! The absence of Melatonin is associated with elevated rates of cancer incidents and some physicians are already seeing the relationship between "continuous light exposure" and cancer.

Hmmm... "Continuous light exposure"...

Seems familiar? Late night coding, movie watching, web browsing, even working on your Ph.D. in blood sweat and tears?

Your brain doesn't know the difference between the SUN and your shiny screen, whether it be a 49 inch gaming monitor or a tiny smart-phone! So, there will be no MELATONIN produced by the Pineal Gland (yes, the "Third EYE", and that's for a reason!), and no MELATONIN equals NO SLEEP! No sleep means no repair and detoxification..: A pure invitation to all kinds of diseases including cancer.

A dosage of 3mg is very high, so I take it only two times in a week. That's a beneficial hormone especially if you're having sleep problems but you better be careful with the dosage (plus, if you have sleep problems, before taking pills first try to shut any lights off earlier and stay away from caffeine! A visit to your doctor may be a good idea too!). Keep the dosage low, and don't take it everyday unless prescribed by your own doctor.

An IMPORTANT NOTE: Some users are reporting "heart palpitations" when using Melatonin (never happened to me), so please be very careful and stay safe with the lowest possible dosage if you are going to take it (ask your doctor!). Melatonin also helps me with my blood pressure.

And finally, just letting you know..: Extremely vivid dreams are a well-known side effect! (well, depends on the dream, right?)

Melatonin itself is also a very powerful anti-oxidant but unfortunately its production decreases as we age (even with all the lights shut off!)


Why am I taking it?..: ASTAXANTHIN is a very powerful anti-oxidant (i.e. "decreases the fatty acid oxidation in healthy people" [Source]) + it shows remarkable anti-cancer abilites [Source-1], [Source-2].

Many users also reported positive effects with their blood pressure, body cramps, muscle soreness, joint pain, overall stamina and enhanced eye vision [Source] ; some users reported irregular heartbeat and fatigue on their knees and arms[Source] (I never experienced these side-effects).

"Krill Oil" supplements are rich in Astaxanthin, but instead of using a Krill Oil I prefer to take it as a supplement on its own thus taking a more concentrated form with higher amounts... For example, the final amounts may slightly vary but a 500mg Krill Oil pill contains only 200μg (micrograms) of Astaxanthin.

The product you see in my hand provides 4mg Astaxanthin with each pill which is 20 times more than a regular Krill Oil supplement. I take it 3 times a week.


Unfortunately, there will always be some people out there who try to make a few quick bucks by cheating others. There are some Fake Astaxanthin products in the market.

As always, buying directly from the manufacturers would be a good option instead of buying from elsewhere.

There are three tests I perform to understand if my Astaxanthin is fake or real..:

  1. OIL TEST..: Real Astaxanthin dissolves in OIL! You may cut your Astaxanthin pill and release its content to some olive oil. If it dissolves evenly with its reddish color, this means your Astaxanthin passed the first test! Always a good sign.

  2. WATER TEST..: Well, if real Astaxanthin dissolves in OIL, then it shouldn't dissolve in water right? Instead, it should make a thin layer on top of the water surface, evenly, with its slightly red color!

  3. PAPER TEST..: Real Astaxanthin is extremely sensitive to sunlight. If you drop a tiny amount of it on a piece of white paper and stick it to a window that's exposed to sunlight, it should become hardly visible in 2-3 days. Real Astaxanthin fades when exposed to direct sunlight.


Just letting you know..:
I truly understand the obsessive in you, but you don't need to smash a car to be "fit" and healthy!

V I D E O..: Guile, my favorite character in Street Fighter II (yes, the good old days), doing what he does best.


Why am I doing it?..: Because "movement" benefits both mental health and physical health, and I prefer "walking" to "running". There is a lot of controversy around "running" and its effects on heart muscles in the long run, so I prefer to be on the safe side. It's my humble opinion based on my own research.

I don't do this everyday, your body needs to rest too. But when I do it (three or four times a week), I walk AT LEAST 1,5 - 2 hours... Don't forget your water, your body needs hydration!

I hope your city has a lot of green spaces or maybe even a seaside! Please remember that walking in an air polluted area (i.e. traffic) will do more harm than good! The difference is obvious when you walk in a peaceful, natural place full of trees and all kinds of green. You feel nourished and the stress is minimal. Walking is some sort of a meditation to me.

And one more thing..: Breathe, breathe, and breathe! You can live for days without food, but only a few breathless minutes mean death unless you are David Blaine (never try that at home). Your breath, is your life.

I am not a runner but a walker but it's not an excuse to not listen to this piece of art! - "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner" is a short story of Alan Sillitoe, also adapted for a movie of the same title. The song you're about to hear is the Iron Maiden version of the story. One of my favorites!

V I D E O..: "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner"


Why am I doing it?..: Have you ever heard about "FIVE TIBETAN RITES"? I perform them everyday. As the name of the "rites" suggests, there are FIVE sets of exercises (there are actually SIX of them but that's not the scope of this article).

"Five Tibetan Rites" stimulate the ENDOCRINE GLANDS and balance the hormones secreted by these glands, when performed properly..: Pineal Gland, Hypophysis Gland, Hypothalamus, Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid Gland, Pancreas, Adrenal Glands, Ovaries (Women), and Testes (Men).

It's also worth noting that there are many yoga practitioners and therapists who associate ENDOCRINE GLANDS with "CHAKRAS".


IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT "FIVE TIBETAN RITES"..: If you're a beginner (we were all beginners once), please be very careful ; these exercises are neither easy nor a quick-track!

  • Ideally, you would perform each set 21 times (first rite X 21, second rite X 21, third rite X 21, etc). But don't expect to do more than a few repetitions at the beginning (if your body isn't "fit" and flexible enough). QUALITY beats QUANTITY here! Just start with 3 repetitions for each set and listen to your body. If you feel unusual pain, then stop. GRADUALLY progress to 21 repetitions for each set (this may take months, but take it easy, you still get the benefits!).

    For example, start with 3 repetitions in the first week.
    Second week, 4 repetitions for each set.
    Third week, 5 repetitions, and so on.

  • These exercises should be performed very slowly (dear Maryse Moerel is too fast here) - Please take this humble advice seriously.: Be slow in your movements, and FOCUS to the exercises while you perform them. Remember, when your focus is not in your body, the "space" will be filled by injury and disease! Be there! Bring your focus to your body.

  • Rite #1 may make you feel uneasy and nauseated, it may even cause headaches. Just start with "small steps" and try to spin around with the lowest possible repetition that allows you to perform without any discomfort. If you still feel queasy during performing the rite #1, even with the lowest amount of repetitions, just feel free to omit it and move to the next exercise, rite #2.

  • Be very careful with your backbone! The rites #3, #4, and #5 can be very dangerous for your back if you are a beginner. Slowness is the key here and I mean it. Don't push yourself too hard, your backbone is your life! As I have said before, these exercises are already tough enough when done properly so please be kind to yourself.

  • Don't forget to breathe!
    When I say "don't forget" it may seem weird, but people are indeed forgetting that!

    I notice the same bad habit of UNPROPER BREATHING among my beloved ones, frequently..: They are almost "breathless" for a moment, then they notice their lack of "breath" and take a so called deep breath to catch-up on their breathing. And this scenario repeats itself over and over again, day after day!

    PROPER BREATHING is an important part of these exercises. Please focus where Maryse Moerel breathes in, and where she breathes out. As a general rule, you breathe in where the movement becomes harder, and you breathe out where the movement is easier (as you see the opposite happens when compared with push-ups and other more common exercises).

  • FIVE TIBETAN RITES are very effective on your muscles too, you will see the difference with your own eyes in a relatively short time.


Nothing complicated here, but "discipline" is a MUST...


More or less, there is POISON in your food (unless you can afford 100% ORGANIC FOOD everyday which also doesn't automatically guarantee a "poison free" meal) thanks to harmful agricultural practices widely adopted across the planet.

So, you are left with two choices..:

  1. "Damn it, it seems everything we eat is already poison,
    So I eat everything I like and enjoy the taste!"

  2. "Damn it, it seems everything we eat is already poison,
    So I think that it would be wise to choose the less harmful ones"

My choice would be the latter! ;)

You're eating what you're eating because of the TASTE?
"TASTE" is just an illusion. It doesn't exist!

+ Remember the wise quote from the powerful documentary, "What The Health" (a must watch)..:

"Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels"

1) I Don't Eat Meat and Dairy (Except Yogurt).

A little note here..:This is just my humble opinion fellow Steemians. I am not here to judge anyone, that's not me. The primary reason I became a "No Meat, No Dairy" person was "ethical" (considering the industry's effect on both animals and environment) and everything else is just a BONUS. The motive behind it is out of the scope of this post (I should definitely create time and write about it) but in a few words, I think "the Gorilla was innocent"! (Remember the Cincinnati Zoo Incident?)

Having said that, I am 100% aware that I am still taking part in the abuse of animals by using some dietary supplements derived from animals.

There is a lot of controversy around the effect of Vegetarianism, whether it's healthier or not, but my own research suggests that Vegetarianism DOES offer many health benefits..:

  1. ANTIBIOTICS saved a lot of lifes in the past, and they still do when they used PROPERLY, when we really need them.


    "We" use a lot of ANTIBIOTICS in food industry, especially when it comes to animals. When you eat "meat" or "dairy", you also consume these ANTIBIOTICS... The word "ANTIBIOTIC" has a very interesting Ethimology, actually - It means, "ANTI-LIFE"!

    Antibiotics kill the friendly (and VITALLY ESSENTIAL) gastrointestinal microbiota!

    You need your friendly bacteria (PROBIOTICS, meaning "PRO LIFE") to be healthy. If you kill your friendly bacteria, sickness begins (many forms of it, from CANCER to DIABETES!!!). This is not arguable, this is a fact backed by science.

    You got sick. You took an antibiotic (prescribed by your doctor, which is a great irony to me because almost no doctor warns their patients about the dangers of antibiotics... i.e., they don't say things like, "hey I am giving you an Antibiotic but it will kill 95% of your friendly bacteria so you should also use a Probiotic or eat Natural Yogurt to balance your friendly microbiota") - So, after taking an antibiotic, you feel better and you think you're cured. But that is not the case, actually. You have lost almost all of your friendly bacteria that repair the damage in your Gastrointestinal Tract and also have their important role in the digestion itself.

    What does it mean?

    It means that the center of your overall health does NOT operate well anymore. The "digestion" process lacks, and toxins start to pass into the blood. When toxins are in the blood, your circulatory system carries them all over the body! Not good.

    Did you know almost all of the Serotonin (over 80%, a vital Neurotransmitter which protects you from Depression) is located in your Gastrointestinal Tract?Your Gastrointestinal Tract is the center of your health, not only physical health but also mental health. Take care of it.


    "There are strong, consistent, and graded relationships between saturated fat intake, blood cholesterol levels, and the mass occurrence of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE"
    [PDF Source]

    Animals are not the only source of "Saturated fats" (i.e. Coconut Oil is a rich source of saturated fats), but a plant based diet would have lower amounts of them.

    "CHOLESTEROL" is a type of STEROL that comes from animals.
    "PHYTOSTEROL" is the type of STEROL that comes from PLANTS.
    PHYTOSTEROLs considered healthier for your heart than CHOLESTEROLs.

  3. DECREASED DIABETES RISK..: [Source 1] "Vegetarian diets (vegan, lacto ovo, semi-) were associated with a substantial and independent reduction in diabetes incidence. In Blacks the dimension of the protection associated with vegetarian diets was as great as the excess risk associated with Black ethnicity."

    [Source 2] "Vegetarian and vegan diets offer significant benefits for diabetes management. In observational studies, individuals following vegetarian diets are about half as likely to develop diabetes, compared with non-vegetarians"

    (please note that this also goes hand in hand with the "Gastrointestinal Tract health" we discussed above. An unhealthy "Gastrointestinal Tract" may cause all kinds of diseases)
    "In summary, red and processed meat intake appears to be positively associated with risk of cancer of the colon and rectum, esophagus, liver, lung, and pancreas in a new, large US cohort study of 500,000 men and women."[Source 1]

    "As a conclusion, accumulated evidence of prospective epidemiological studies and their meta-analyses shows that red meat and processed meat convincingly increases CRC risk by 20-30%..." [Source 2]

2) I eat my YOGURT! (+ I like it very much)
And the best part is, we make our own YOGURT, so we are the ones who control the ingredients!

As you see, we are making our own Yogurt and the photo is from our own kitchen!
It's not a complicated process and you can do it too! (but unfortunately it's out of the scope of this article - an article about this looks like a good idea ; why not!)

Yogurt is VERY beneficial for your overall health, because it's a DETOXIFIER and a PROBIOTIC (very rich in good bacteria!)

Photo..: We make our own yogurt!

The point is, this is not an "INDUSTRIAL YOGURT" that doesn't have any protective ability.
I never eat a Yogurt that doesn't even SOUR! - Natural, Non-Industrial yogurt SOURS in 3-4 days, meanwhile industrial yogurt lasts for WEEKS even if you "open" the package (I mention this because as you know, opening the package already triggers the contamination process, but that's not the case with INDUSTRIAL YOGURT). This is impossible without ANTIBIOTICS, other ADDITIVES, or, even GENETICALLY MODIFIED bacteria! That is not Yogurt.

The problem with INDUSTRIAL YOGURT is, it doesn't even SOUR, it becomes moldy DIRECTLY without souring. That doesn't happen with natural yogurt. Because "SOURING" is the first step of the process of "ROTTING", but it doesn't happen in INDUSTRIAL YOGURT. It becomes moldy directly without souring. That's because the "yogurt bacteria" were already killed by the UHT technology (Ultra-High-Temperature Processing) during the production process, OR, "yogurt bacteria" were never there in the first place!. (I also want to write about this later)


INDUSTRY Never cares about your health. It only cares about fast production, longer shelf-life, thus higher profits! Know what you're eating!

Photo..: This is the real deal, with all its protective abilities thanks to its rich potential of FRIENDLY BACTERIA! (Remember our discussion about the "Gastrointestinal Tract health"?)

Photo..: You can surely add some Turmeric to your Yogurt too! (Yes, that is my hand again ; please forgive me for the photo quality, it could be better).

Shake it well, and don't forget to add some Black Pepper when you're using Turmeric in Yogurt, to increase Turmeric's bioavailability!

3) I DON'T eat CEREALS, especially WHEAT!

It's not only about the "bread" but also anything related with Cereals (any kind of Pastry, Pasta, etc.), actually...
At last, more or less, they are all the same WHEAT no matter how "tasty" they are and WHEAT is not good for your body.


"Coeliac disease"...
A disease that have completely skrocketed since the last 50 years.


There are two possibilities..:

  • Either the Human Genetics changed,
  • OR, the genetics of the Wheat changed.

In 1943, Near Mexico City, "IMWIC-International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center" was created in order to breed the "improved" varieties of wheat [Source].
It seems they didn't like the mother nature's version.

In the beginning of the 1950s, a "successful" agronomist Norman Borlaug created the famous "Dwarf Wheat" which in a few decades "invaded" almost all of the world's wheat fields and substituted the natural wheat (he also holds a Nobel Prize for "spreading the illness around the world")...

"Dwarf Wheat" was disease-resistant and fruitful, meaning higher profits.

But there was a problem which the INDUSTRY never cared of..: The new, Genetically Modified "Dwarf Wheat" was also introducing a new, unseen form of Gluten to our tables.
Today, almost all of the wheat consumed by the Planet Earth comes from the fields of varieties of the same Dwarf Wheat.

Did you know the "American Diabetes Association" was promoting the consumption of wheat products to prevent DIABETES AND OBESITY in the beginning of 1980s?... A true story! Guess what happened in the next 30 - 35 years? The incidents of OBESITY multiplied by THREE, and the incidents of DIABETES multiplied by FOUR! The industry made millions of people sick, and the pharmaceutical companies have never been happier.

The only problem with the Dwarf Wheat is not the new form of Gluten it contains. The Wheat itself already contains the substance "Amylopectin-A" which is a "super carbohydrate" (not in a good way) that has an extremely high glycemic-index; i.e. the sugar you use in your coffee has a glycemic-index of 60 while your whole wheat bread has a glycemic-index of 69! (that doesn't mean the "sugar" in your coffee is healthy!) [Source..: "Glycemic index and glycemic load for 100+ foods"]

It was indeed a long post.

Wish you the very best, fellow Steemians.

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It was indeed a long post! You're always welcome to express your opinions in the comments area.


I admire that you put in so much time to put this together.


Thanks a lot for your comment @Misterakpan! As I have already mentioned in the post, these are the practices and the arguments I follow... I hope this post inspires fellow Steemians, triggers their own JOURNEY TO HEALTH, and encourages them to do their own research with new questions. There are a lot of "X"s, many controversies around "Health", and that was the reason of the BIG "X" in my preview image (at the center of the image, The "Rod of Asclepius")

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Thanks very much for the info, @bitgeek .